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Eversource isn't demanding customers pay $400 for a new meter

The utility reports:

Scammers are calling customers to say they need to pay $400 to have a new meter installed in order to avoid having their power shut off. This is NOT us. If you ever question a phone call or encounter, call us at 877-659-6326 (West MA) or 800-592-2000 (East MA)

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The number of people trying to take advantage of others these days is incredible.

Maybe they figure if the president can get away with so much, why not a few small potatoes for them?

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Someone dropped off a (photocopied) notice at our place with a bogus callback number. Someone has also come by a couple of times in Eversource cosplay to “check the meter.” Eversource confirmed that nobody should be doing either of these things at this time and said to call the cops if this happened again.

If there wasn’t at least one telltale give that something was off (photocopied notice with bogus phone number, no visible van nearby, etc.), it would be freakier.

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In the past other neighbors of mine have buzzed them into the building and they come knocking at everyone's door. Asked to see my bill. I asked the guy for his credentials and he quickly flashed some bogus badge on his neck. I just told his ass my bill is paid, don't know who you are or where you came from so get the fuck away from my door. They still come around but not to my door anymore.

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Welcome to living in a third world gangster country.

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Yes, this has never happened before 2016\

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Don't answer any calls that aren't from known numbers.

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You can miss some pretty important calls that way. Doctors often call from blocked personal numbers if they have after hours concerns. That's only one example.

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they can leave a message.

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When in doubt, tell them to add it to your monthly bill. Do not give them any more identifying information. Do not make a payment to anyone but Eversource, do not make any payments through anything but your usual bill-paying channels.

Same with door-to-door scammers. If they were from "the energy company" they would not need to see your bill, because they'd be the ones who sent it to you.

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I got a call this morning and the caller left a message. It was about payment of my National Grid electric bill and if I would get a copy of my bill and call them, they would go over it with me. I listened to the message a couple times before I realized they weren't National Grid (since I don't have National Grid electric) but I'm sure there are people who would answer and think it's their actual utility company and give out info they shouldn't.

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I pick up every call that comes in. If it's something I don't care about or a scam, I hang up. Caller ID allows people to "screen out" even people they know. It has made the world paranoid. Yes, there is more crap and robocalls and scams than in the past, but it's just nice to pick up the phone and answer it when it rings. (I know basically no one will agree with this, but that's how I feel.)

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You must have seen this.......?


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that they make it easy for people to believe in this scam.

A couple of years ago I started getting calls from "Eversource" saying that they had to replace my gas meter. The standard robocall "call us back at this 800 number" thing.

I called them. They said they had to arrange an appointment to get into the basement.

I told them that access to the basement was my landlord's responsibility, not mine, and that I didn't have a key.

No, they said, I had to be the one to let them in because I was "paying for the gas".

These calls and conversations went on for several months.

I checked. Apparently the call back number was legitimate, and replacing a gas meter after several years was also legitimate. But it was still not my responsibility.

Eventually I told them of a time when I knew the landlord would be around the property and said "good luck".

That was the last I heard from them.

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Some years ago a slumlord I previously rented from allowed a drunk plumber to install new meters when he had the building converted to
gas heat. Suddenly my gas bill went up by about $200. a month before I even turned on the heat. I called Eversleaze to complain. They promised to send someone to check the meters but rescheduled, then never showed. I called again. When I eventually discovered the drunk plumber had installed the meters incorrectly and I was paying for a different unit. Eversleaze lied to the Utilities Commission and claimed I had never contacted them. I had to sue the slumlord and without Eversleaze’s cooperation it was a giant headache.

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