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East Boston restaurant seeks advice on doing meatless Mondays

Yahya Noor, owner of Tawakal Halal Cafe, which serves Somali food in East Boston's Jeffries Point Tuesday through Sunday, is thinking of adding a menu that would be just vegetarian on Mondays and is seeking advice to go along the East Indian spices that would go on the dishes.




I have no advice on spices except to say don’t overdo them. I had takeout there once and it was delicious. I’d go back to try their vegan offerings. Actually, I think the dish I had was vegan now that I think about it.

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*His post

I wouldn't be shocked if what you had was vegan or vegetarian. The owner , I'm his neighbor , is one of the most public health conscious people I know.

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If you haven’t eaten here, please get takeout some time. Incredible food. Lovely people here

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Just another meatless Monday!

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I’m all for meatless though. Any day of the week.

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White man don’t know how to Spice food.
If a white man thinks your food is too spicy it’s probably just right

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Boring stereotype.

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... poor quality main ingredients. Not always but often enough. Like over salting.

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While spice may be used nowadays to cover substandard ingredients, the oft-repeated claim that spicy food was invented to cover the taste of meat that had gone bad, doesn’t seem to hold up because spices were historically so expensive that it would have been much cheaper to throw out spoiled meat and buy fresh, than it would have been to try to rescue the dinner by spicing the meat.

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They could try contacting the Boston Vegetarian Society: https://bostonveg.org/

I don't know much about Somali food but both Indian food and Ethiopian food have a lot of vegetarian/vegan dishes so contacting other restaurants with those cuisines might be a source of recipes they could adapt.

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My wife is vegan and I am, unfortunately, celiac. This food seems like, in vegan form, to hit both.

I'm also interested in that hot sauce!

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