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Dog walkers avoiding a park in Charlestown after dog dies

Police are investigating reports of dogs being poisoned at Edwards Playground, Eden and Main streets in Charlestown.

Troy Urquhart sounded the alarm yesterday, posting a photo of daughter's and son-in-law's pet, Gunner, who died Sunday, several hours after a visit to the park:

I have no proof to offer you but we believe he was deliberately poisoned at Eden St park. He is not the only dog to die an identical death within hours of leaving the park.

WAGS Charlestown, a local dog-walking service, says it is now avoiding the park - and a couple of others nearby:

We’ve been flooded with messages of concern, and it’s been hard to even wrap our heads around the speculation that a pup was purposely poisoned right here in our beloved dog-friendly Charlestown. For the time being our walkers will be avoiding Eden Street Park, Doherty Park and Medford Street Park. Our thoughts go out to this precious pups’ family and hope no one else ever endures this type of cruelty

In 2012, a man was arrested on charges he was leaving out poisoned hot dogs on a Medford Street lot.

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Frequently as dog owners become more entitled, and locals more agitated.


Maybe the city should start enforcing there leash laws. And maybe pissed off people can confront the entitled dog owner rather than poison someones beloved pet. Sicko...

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1) Dog owners ARE locals. If you want to make this a toonie vs townie issue, most of the townies aren't the ones locking gigundo strollers to trees and taking up entire sidewalks if ya catch my drift.
2) It's telling that you save your milquetoast sympathy for the end. Guess we know whose side you're on!

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I filed a 311 complaint a week ago when I was attacked by an off leash dog. Still no reply from the city.

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If you were truly attacked, you should have called 911.

311 is for anonymized complaints where the truth of the matter can be stretched, much like internet message boards.

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The person that wrote that opinion is clearly disturbed. I would delete the link before people get the wrong impression. The penalty for ignoring leash laws is not death. There is no evidence that either dog killed was off leash.

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The dog was poisoned

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For 2 dogs to become ill after visiting the same area, it makes sense to think they ingested something poisonous.

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leash laws are important, and should be obeyed... but that was one of the most unhinged articles pertaining to dogs that i've read in a long time.

and for someone who's children are so allergic to dog dander that they have reactions to passing them outdoors, not having benedryl on hand seems pretty reckless. or they are fully of shit and are just making this all up. the latter seems more plausible.

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This is terrible.

One of the sites listed is a playground, so toddlers (well known for putting things in their mouths) are also at risk.

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That's now how I'd describe Charlestown.

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Very concerning. A friend's dog got really sick right after visiting the dog park in Brookline. Almost died at MSPCA hospital. They never figured out what it was.

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