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That didn't take long: Google Maps switches to Nubian Square

Nubian Square on a Google Map

Google has switched its neighborhood designation for a particular part of Roxbury from Dudley Square to Nubian Square, following the city's decision to rename the area. But note that if you search Google Maps for Dudley Square, you still get a pointer - for the MBTA bus station, which has yet to be renamed.

H/t eeka.



I am no expert on this question, but I thought that Nubian Square was going to be the new name for the commercial district currently named Dudley Square. As it stands, the label covers a mostly residential area South of Dudley Square.

This is the first thing that showed up when I googled "Nubian Square" (sorry about the long link):


The supporters of the Nubian Square initiative may want to get that corrected ASAP. Google Map is not an official document, but nowadays it is the place where most people get their information when they look up a location. What's showing now is confusing.


Yes, I was looking for an address on Dudley St and it keep calling it Nubian Sq.

... the entire length of Dudley Street to Nubian Square. Apple Maps, usually known for occasional flights of fantasy, has retained the correct name of the street.

I don't think that changing the name is a problem. Changing the whole street name in Google maps is a problem.

All the addresses on Google Map for Dudley St is Nubian Square. That needs to change asap or else people will get confused.



This is Boston and nothing should never, ever, change.


can you mention one way in which your life has been directly affected by the name on the map, snowflake?

...who hurt you?


Were a slave owning civilization, and there are likely still slaves in the Sudan. Dudley never owned slaves.

This name change is sure to help.


were a slave owning civilization, and there are likely still slaves in America.


Yes, and there's a movement to rename places and institutions in America named for slaveholders. That's why it's ironic to rename Dudley to Nubian.

I am pleasantly surprised at the number of Americans who have taken an interest in African history.

What other areas are of interest to you, other than the names of civilizations that kept slaves?

It is "Dudley Street Station" as examplified in the 1907 edition of Electric Railway review:


I'm thinking the 12 or so blocks between Harrison Avenue, Dudley Street and Albany Street. It's a Square not a Neighborhood. Roxbury is the Neighborhood.

Wow. This change happened fast. I wonder why google maps still hasn’t done anything with my multiple requests to remove the derogatory media term “methadone mile” marker that shows when you are near BMC.

Google Maps doesn't show that. Apple Maps, on the other hand ...