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Dedham Covid-19 numbers rising; officials say it's mostly kids, teens getting together after sporting events

The Dedham Board of Health announced today the town has "a significant rise" in Covid-19 cases - 17 in the past week, double what the town had been seeing - and says most of the new cases are in young children and teens.

Town officials believe that the increase is primarily tied to social gatherings and activities that occur before and after youth sporting events, like team dinners and get-togethers.

At this time, the Town has not called for any changes to be made to youth sports programs, but public health officials are closely monitoring the situation so that any necessary changes can be made as soon as possible.

The board requests that local sports coaches stop it already with post-game gatherings and that parents talk to their kids about the importance of wearing masks and staying at least six feet away from other kids.

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All we can do is pray to our gods that everything changes in 13 days so we can all reset and start anew (or, by January 20 at the latest).

So much of our world is defined by Donald Trump and our reactions to that are discolored as a result.

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What we need is an effective vaccine. What we are seeing in Europe right now shows that the social distancing etc. was wildly successful but as soon as it is relaxed, the disease comes roaring back. We can't keep this up forever.

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It's truly wild how everyone in, er, Europe, Asia and South America, are plotting to make Trump look bad with this corona hoax.

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And you're foolish if you don't think politics play a roll in that, in some way shape or form.

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To continue the sports analogy, just because the goalposts are further back doesn't mean they got moved. Sometimes, it's because your QB got sacked for a 10 yard loss because he was too incompetent to pass the ball to someone who knew what to do with it.

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...and kicking own goals.

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Flattened in June, that was the initial goal. Now it changed, we need to have broad vaccinations.

The original fear was not having sufficient beds available for patients, now its having any amount of cases.

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is Trump doing to force Dedham teenagers to hang out with one another after playing sports?

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While I have no doubt that ‘teenagers being teenagers’ after school is a significant factor in these towns’ rising COVID numbers, I do wonder if, in fact, there were other major contributors (e.g. businesses with lax guidelines, restaurants, large family events), would the towns not still just blame it on the kids?

Teens don’t pay property/corporate taxes and they can’t vote. There’s little downside to blaming *only* the kids and not pissing off both Legacy Place and its tenants.

I have no information to dispute these “it’s the darn kids” assessments, but it is the one assessment that repeatedly pops up since Labor Day and I wonder if the picture painted is incomplete?

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is seen mostly in kids. So the Board of Health is questioning whether it is due to youth sports before and after parties.

Seems a reasonable assumption to me.

If it is the adult's that are allowing these gatherings without masks and social distancing, it is not the kid's fault. It is the adult's fault and they, by this time, should know better.

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If it's just the kids shouldn't we expect the parents and family members to be getting sick in the next 3-5 days?

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Kids are getting tested likely because they have coughs, colds etc. If they stay home "sick" from school they need a negative covid test to return to school. More and more kids are getting tested (without symptoms) and sure enough some of them end up testing positive.

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You did everything your parents told you when you were a teen........sounds like a load of fun

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(I am so sick of saying that lately but really.. no surprise)

As I hear the kids next door playing basket ball. I know all those kids dont live there

Or the group of teens I just walked past mentioning about going to a Halloween party.

So yeah "no surprise" this is happening.

Kids dont take this crap seriously..

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The kids who don’t take it seriously have parents/families who don’t take it seriously. The teenagers I know personally who congregate without masks have parents who do the same. Adults have to set a good example and it isn’t happening.

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of course it is up to the parents. I've seen both sides too

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ZERO! Would you if you were 15, doubtful.

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With my own two eyes I witness what happens daily near me. High schoolers at a private school are sanitized upon entering the building. On campus, they are required to distance. wear masks etc. Upon dismissal, they doff the masks and hop into each others vehicles, like always, four or five to an SUV. I believe these administrators are absolutely correct, schools are doing the right thing. When the kids are released, good luck. Then they return to school the next day, maybe have a sports event or practice and you have an outbreak. It's currently happening in our family's school. Luckily (?) mine had surgery and hasn't yet returned to campus.

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