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Coronavirus sufferer: 'I felt like I was 120 years old almost overnight'

Harvard President Larry Bacow discusses what surviving Covid-19 was like, starting with the surprise of being diagnosed since he and his wife had basically shut themselves at home and had not seen anybody else for 10 days.

He adds he was tested not because he's president of Harvard but because he has an autoimmune disorder - and he discusses how Harvard began preparing for coronavirus in January.



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He needs to present the public an accounting for the most disastrous admissions decision in the history of academia. By letting Jared Kushner buy his way in and coast his way out, Harvard contributed to the most lethal case of Dunning Kruger syndrome in the nation's history.

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The event you refer to happened much earlier.

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Harvard isn't responsible for the actions of its alumni, good or bad.

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I doubt they are all getting covid-19 tests, even the ones taking an immune-suppressant.

Bacow's early testing has VERY much to do with being the president of Harvard.

I don't wish him ill, but this kind of casual dishonesty that we are all supposed to believe is very irritating.

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There was a globe article and similar comments referring to preferential treatment. For what it's worth, Bacow's wife added a comment stating that she and her husband went to Tufts Medical Center and waited for the testing with other people.

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I doubt they are all getting covid-19 tests, even the ones taking an immune-suppressant.

Yah, I'm one of them.

I think if these tests were generally available, my doctor would be reaching out to me. I've already reached out to him re: the immunosuppressives (his take: keep taking 'em, the alternative is worse, BE FUCKING CAREFUL). So...yeah. All's not right with the testing. I'm not exactly angry about it, I just hope that I survive and that others who do will have learned a lesson about power and privilege.

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