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Coronavirus ends South Boston restaurant

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the demise of Backyard Betty's on West Broadway.

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That is awful.

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The place was struggling before COVID 19 came along. It never seemed to catch on.

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I don't think it was the COVID.

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that when things get "back to normal" that liquor licences will be easy to come by with all these places closing and we might get some actual bars/ sit down restaurants in the outer neighborhoods, but I know better.
Who's buying up these licences? Hotel chains? Office buildings in the seaport under construction? You know SOMEONE is getting them....

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You can't just buy a liquor license without the approval of the licensing board, and they're just not having lots of hearings on this (I think the last one, a couple weeks ago, wasn't even really a sale, it was more a North End restaurant owner transferring a license from one of his restaurants to another restaurant he also owns).

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This restaurant was hurting long before Coranavirus. Businesses are quick to blame their mismanagement, terrible overpriced food and their idiotic patrons on the virus.

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Sad to see anyone close. Truth be told, this place was one of the rudest places I have ever set foot in. Hoping whoever goes in next cares a little more about hospitality.

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