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In coronavirus crisis, Asia's loss is Boston's gain: Instead of going to Asia, BSO will play series of local popup concerts

The Boston Music Intelligencer reports that the BSO, which had a planned Asian tour canceled over coronavirus fears, will instead play a series of free concerts in the Boston area - with one trip out to Tanglewood.

Most of the concerts are open only to staffers or students at the organizations that have agreed to host the concerts, but among the free concerts open to the public are Feb. 9 at Tanglewood, Feb. 13 at WGBH and Feb. 16 at Symphony Hall. Ticket info.

MSPCA-Angell reports people who happen to be in Jamaica Plain around 9:30 a.m. can pop in for its pop-up concert - which it will also livestream online.

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Oh well.

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If I can find out the time for the Cambridge Senior Center concert, maybe I can go to that one?

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Maybe BSO should consider playing in Symphony Hall more often.


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Head to Chinatown for food before or after the concert!

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