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Coronavirus could mean BU students living in hotels this fall

The Daily Free Press reports Boston University is looking at a fall re-opening plan that could mean putting healthy students in hotel rooms as the school sets aside hundreds of dorm rooms for use by Covid-19-positive students.




If BU reasonably anticipates 100s of students becoming ill with covid during the school year there is no way in hell a residential semester happens.

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They have to prepare for 100s of students being ill, or 100s of students being in the impact sphere and having to quarantine.

Enrollment at all colleges and universities will be down this semester, which will be very VERY bad for the Commonwealth's economy.

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I think the U's are playing chicken with the parents. They are saying, "Oh we are definitely having a fall semester on campus!" so no one withdraws or defers to avoid attending Zoom U, thus cratering the budget from loss of tuition payment.

Then in mid-August, we're going to have a flurry of colleges across the country saying, "Due to concerns from the families of our students, we'll be offering all classes remote. We hear your concerns, and we acknowledge that the safety of your children is paramount."

It's an elaborate bait-and-switch.

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BU and the other school are doing the smart thing. Test everyone, isolate those who are positive and those they've had contract with until those people can be tested. Everyone else, take sensible precautions (masks, etc) but otherwise carry on as normal.

That's pretty much what South Korea and Germany have done with good success of limiting the spread of the virus while not needing to send everyone into lockdown for longer than needed.

Had the US planned for the pandemic, that's what would have happened nationwide. Tens of thousands of lives would have been saved and the economic hit would have been far less.

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If the plan is testing and isolation of sick students while the school goes on mostly as usual, then that is a great approach.

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It wouldn't surprise me if more than that decide to take a year off if there are lots of rules in place.

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