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The city is not your mama, so pick up your damn gloves

Because otherwise they're just going to sit there on the sidewalk until we get a good hard rain and then they all get flushed down into storm drains and then Boston will make the national news when they discover giant congealed blobs of latex gloves blocking the storm sewers. We know this because Boston Public Works has declared it's not picking up your nasty gloves lying on the side of the road. In response to a complaint about gloves piling up on Leyden Street in East Boston, Public Works declares:

At this time it is a health hazard for us and we cant touch them, we are covid 19 mode.



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That's how I feel when I picked up litter in front of my property. I don't think the city picks up litter on sidewalks anyways. Don't they just ticket the property owner? Shouldn't the city ticket the owners? And the neighbors should mention it to the owner and the occupants.

No one has to touch the gloves. Just use a broom and shovel and dump them into a bag.Then toss. into the garbage. I had to do that 2 days ago to a dead robin (but first I apologized to the robin even though I had nothing to do with it's dying).

But first, someone should video the sidewalk and post the culprit on social media.

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Most of the times I've seen someone picking up trash, they use a pointy stick or a grabber pole and they don't touch the trash anyhow.

(No comment on whether it's their job to pick up the trash in the first place. Just confused about the "health hazard" claim.)

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That Trump has elevated the worst of toddler behavior to the divine right of adult children everywhere.

But you would know about what happens when adult children throw tantrums ...

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I'm going to categorize used gloves as trash as the new hypodermic needle battle. I.E., a never ending battle. The dumpers need to be monitored and educated.

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' The dumpers need to be monitored and educated.'

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I'm kind of offended by the response.

All street trash, whether in times of pandemic or not, should be treated as potentially infected with something or other. There are a number of technologies available, some as simple as a broomstick with a nail on the end, for picking up trash without handling it.

Consider, for example, human shit, used syringes, used condoms, ripped-open bags of household trash with used kleenex, used tampons, etc., and any of a number of things that the city has routinely been dealing with forever. There's no significant difference between used gloves and any of the above.

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