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Citizen complaint of the day: South Boston's crashy intersection

South Boston intersection crash

Concerned citizens kitty-corner from each other at the intersection of Gold and E streets in South Boston have filed 311 complaints with front and back photos of what they said was just the latest crash there and with requests the city do something:

this is my 3rd complaint in 65 days. This is the 3rd accident on my street corner in that time period There is a huge [blind] spot in E street, coming from Gold Street. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to see vehicles driving on E whom are also going way too fast. Please either install a speed bump , or add an additional stop sign onto E street. God forbid a child was present in any of the accidents I have seen. A speed bump needs to be placed directly after crossing over west 5th.

The other person adds:

Please put a stop sign on E Street at the corner of Gold street.

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Case noted.


I imagine this will get the same attention my "My car is being eaten by rats" ticket has.


...always surprised that these intersections do not catch the attention of the car insurance industry. Would it be in their interest to locate these and take steps to cure the problem? Heck, they could pay for the improvements.

How do other cities handle intersections of a narrow street and an alley, with zero-setback buildings right up to the sidewalk?

Looks like some paint should take care of it, or a stop sign, or eliminate a couple of parking spaces.


Lots of these could be fixed easily, but we'd have to *gasp* remove a few parking spaces to do so, and this being Boston, car owner and traffic concerns trump safety, so we can't have that.


Is E Street such a major thruway that having a four way stop is an issue? I don't get why that isn't a solution which could be put in say, this week.


BTD has a vivid imagination and I’m sure can conjure up a few reasons why they won’t do anything.

Wouldn’t want to impede any NH motorists bombing through neighborhoods.

Given people are taking turns too quickly what makes you think they'd respect a stop sign?


Stop signs are typically used to help regulate traffic movements, not to slow down traffic. A better solution for E Street IMO would be some speed humps.


This crash looks like an issue of the need to regulate traffic movements.


Because there is already a 4way stop at both E / W5th sts and E/W4th streets. This is mid block. How about a camera @ that corner. I also live there on Lovis St and there are too many people driving on these little single aisle street way too fast. Actually there is no need to be on these tiny streets unless you LIVE there!The newbies and unregistered motor bikes think they are taking shortcuts- at 30/40 MPH!! Also if cameras are put up, the playground may also be monitored. Alot of misbehavior-to put it mildly- goes on there too! Mr Walsh, start paying attention to what's going on, what YOU are allowing in this town. Its falling apart way too quickly. Stand up, man!

townies don't speed. Thanks Ruth!

Gold Street is a tiny alley. If they put a stop sign at every alley intersection in Southie, that would be a whole lot of stopping.

At some point there has to be a place that doesn't have a stop sign. We can just keep putting stop signs between every existing pair of stop signs ad infinitum.

I’m sure speeding is the biggest part of the problem here.


The buildings go right up to the sidewalk. One would imagine that cars coming up Gold Street would have to start into the intersection just to see if there are cars coming up E Street.

As the people who put the 311s in said, this should be an all way stop.

Plenty of intersections have buildings up to the sidewalk. The sidewalk and a clear zone in the parking lane would give enough visibility.

The city should post a no parking zone 20 feet from the corner. In fact that's already the law, but it's widely ignored. A sign would make it easier to know how to park legally.

The only place I've really had trouble seeing my ariund a conrner due to buildings is Back Street at the Clarendon entrance to Storrow. The problem there is there's no parking lane to keep clear. Traffic moves in the curb lane.