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Church shakeup: Greek Orthodox leader in Boston suspended through December

The Pappas Post reports the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople has suspended Methodios Tournas as metropolitan, or leader, of the Greek Orthodox Church in Massachusetts and most of the rest of New England, through Christmas.

The Patriarchate did not specify a reason, but the Pappas Post says Metropolitan Methodios, who has held the post since 1984, has butted heads recently with the attorney general of New Hampshire over his insistence that priests continue to give communion with a single spoon, despite a patriarchate ruling that priests abide by local Covid-19 regulations. Also, the metropolitan had angered some parishioners for "the firing of a popular priest from a parish in Arlington."




Orthodox or Western Christmas?

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as his superiors did it.

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That’s a really common misunderstanding!

The Greeks are on the revised Julian calendar, which to most laity looks like the modern one. They celebrate Christmas at the same time as the west, but Pascha (Easter) is calculated differently and usually is not the same date as the west.

The non-revised Julian calendar is mostly used by the Slavic flavors of Orthodoxy such as Russian. Amusingly enough the revised Julian calendar was invented by someone who is Serbian, but Serbian Orthodox do not observe that calendar.

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take advantage of post-Christmas sales for _their_ Christmas shopping?

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Some (probably half) Orthodox get to hit the after Christmas sales for shopping, but we ALL gleefully hit the sales day after Easter.

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I was assuming Greek and Russian Orthodox used the same calendar, like a fool.


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The Greek and the Russians can’t even settle on a time for cocktail hour, much less agree on a major feast like Nativity.

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Just like the cleric in Maine who pretended that "Godly things," (i.e., anything the cleric did) was magically purified from any silly infection, such as coronavirus.

Ironically HIV was considered not a virus that would be transmitted by a shared ritual cup. Same even applies to herpes viruses.

Yet coronavirus is considered higher risk.

I take this to be more evidence that coronavirus is God's way to telling us we messed up really big time by seating Trump/Pence into power. Yup, God's trying to get us back on the correct track by releasing another pharaonic plague.

In this case Trump is pharaoh, Pence his prime minister and people such as Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. stand there with their holy words acting like the original pharaoh's magicians.

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