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Chelsea man charged with Public Garden rape


Boston Police report arresting a man they say forced a woman from Bromfield Street to the Public Garden and then raped her there early on Nov. 8.

Francisco Romero, 38, of Chelsea, was arrested on Library Street in Chelsea about 5:15 a.m. today on charges of aggravated rape, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and kidnapping, police say.

Romero is the second Chelsea man to be charged with sexual assaults in the area in a week. On Friday, another man was charged with sexually assaulting three women in Downtown Crossing.

Innocent, etc.

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Good. Let's hope he doesn't get off with just a slap on the wrist (innocent until proven guilty, etc.).

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Kudos to the BPD for making an arrest. Hopefully they have the right guy and if so, the DA gets a conviction.

He could be looking at a whopping 7 years for this heinous crime. (See https://www.universalhub.com/2020/irs-agent-gets-7-8-years-raping-intern...)

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...was right.

It made sense that, for this horrible man, if he is indeed proven guilty, dragged this poor woman so far if not to rape her.

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Are the crazy anti-bail folks going to bail this scumbag out? It's not a problem in that bail is not jail, but bail does require him to potentially lose something of value if he violates the terms of his bail. In that case he surrenders HIS money. Do you really think he won't rape another woman because he would surrender THEIR money?

That...is...the...point...of...bail. Show up to court and don't break the law in-between.

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If trials happened sooner, making bail or not wouldn’t be such a big deal. Especially for someone wrongfully arrested (which I personally don’t think is the case here).

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