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In change of pace, Masshole takes out pedestrian-crossing signal instead of light pole on crash-prone JP parkway

Destroyed pole on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain

Until sometime yesterday, there was a pedestrian-crossing signal pole on Centre Street at Westchester Road, on the Arboretum side. As the pole-crash-weary resident who took the photo says:

In addition to protected bike lanes, we need protected pole lanes.

Usually, they take out light poles.

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That they didn't manage to take out a pedestrian as well.

Stellar job as always, local drivers, keep up the fantastic work.


So the person who got into an accident is a masshole? What if it was a medical emergency? Swerved to miss hitting a dog, turkey, pedestrian not following directions? .

Maybe it's better not to encourage pedestrians to try to cross there.

These are located at bus stops that are not close to signalized crossings.


Next step. Cameras

Definitely was already out yesterday at 3pm

Since when did these things get solar powered? That sure looks like a photovoltaic panels.

Three crosswalks in this area have solar-powered rectangular response flashing beacons.


State and local governments are embracing the savings and simplicity that solar power affords, even while those mired in the past proclaim that it will never be workable.


Where cities install some flashing sign lights and claim they've done everything possible to reduce vehicle fatalities.


The City and State, who controls the road itself, are fine with this portion of Centre Street being a highway. And they are not willing to prioritize the safety of residents in that vicinity over the "needs" of suburban commuters coming into the city via the VFW Parkway. That is the political reality at play. So, we have a situation where kids and parents hit those crossing buttons and hope motorists will stop for them every morning just so they can get to their school bus stop. You have the double threat issue of one lane stopping and the other not, same as on the other end of Centre Street in West Roxbury now. Outside of school hours, you have people who can almost throw a baseball into the Arboretum from their home but can't get there safely on foot. Someone will get killed. And we'll know who to blame, just like we've always known.


The buttons, flashing lights, and the crosswalk itself didn't even exist until 2018. So the DCR is at least thinking about the problem of how to cross the street. https://goo.gl/maps/7TrSsUFHfsnhPeVB6 https://goo.gl/maps/WUDXYrixz7bEWfAk7

The yield line triangles in advance of the crosswalk are supposed to reduce the risk of one lane of traffic stopping for pedestrians, while cars in the other lane fly right past because they can't see the pedestrian. In theory if one lane stops back at the triangles, the other lane has a sight line to the crosswalk. I'm not sure how well this works -- how many drivers understand what the triangles mean, and why they need to stop if the other lane is stopped?

The biggest obstacle to getting into the Arboretum is the fence. Though this area isn't the worst since there's a gate just to the south, but it would be nice if you could walk in through the greenhouse parking lot.

Anyone know the deal with the abandoned house?

I would disagree with your distinction between local residents and suburban commuters. People living in this neighborhood have plenty of cars, and you can't really accomplish most tasks on foot.

I have been sending emails to our elected officials regarding the dangers of this stretch of Centre Street and also the street lights that have been demolished and not replaced for over a year, and no response! Seems like they can’t be bothered..,

you've gotta understand, cars are gonna hit you.


At least until we know whether that crosswalk sign was wearing headphones.


Just cutting down on signals as part of the road diet?

If your car can brake itself and your nav knows the speed limit, there's no reason you can't be limited.

Also overdue: all cars having breath testers