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Cambridge Health Alliance to offer coronavirus testing to all Cambridge residents starting Friday

Cambridge says that any residents, regardless of whether they have current symptoms, will be able to get tested for Covid-19 at the Cambridge Health Alliance East Cambridge Care Center, 163 Gore St., starting on Friday.

Although testing is open to all residents - and CHA patients - an appointment is required, by calling 617-665-2928, starting Thursday.

Testing is free:

Cambridge residents 8 years of age and older will be welcome, regardless of insurance or immigration status.

The testing center will be available as a drive-thru for residents in cars as well as for residents to walk in or bicycle to, with hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. People who walk in or bicycle will have to wear a face covering.

If residents have symptoms, they should first call their primary care provider, who can assess their needs and assist with any follow-up.

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when can we Bostonians get tested?

and when is Marty Walsh going to grow a pair (which Charlie apparently can’t do) and clearly require people, without any waffling, to wear masks when outdoors?

over 200 people died here today

courageous sensible policies are, right now, our only hope

and the stupid people shouldn’t have the right to put the rest of us at sych grave risk

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It's interesting that Cambridge is doing this at the CHA, elephant in the room for me is where is Harvard Medical School, one of the most influential institutions on the planet?

Sincere question, there are people here who know far more than I do, what is Harvard up to? What about Partners? Are they handling Boston somehow?

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Like most of the hospitals around here, I suppose, but CHA has lots of HMS professors and students as part of its staff.

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The bulk of the Harvard Medical School is in Boston, in Longwood Medical Area. Harvard has its fingers in every area hospital, of course, but its primary affiliation is Beth Israel Hospital. Beth Israel has been perhaps the primary COVID treatment hospital in the city. That hospital is getting clobbered by the coronavirus. I think yours is a great question. I think the answer is that Harvard is working pretty hard on this.

btw I have no affiliation with Harvard, except that I I have been getting my medical care at Beth Israel for decades

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...not just in Boston, fyi.

Agreed on the policies.

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thanks for the friendly amendment

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explain why people would be required to wear a mask outdoors, when the CDC stipulations say it's only suggested when social distancing isn't possible? Show me one study or instance of someone contracting the virus from walking around outside. Do mayors know better than the experts?

Do you think coronavirus is some boogeyman cloud floating around outside waiting to get you?

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For me at least, it's easiest to just be in the habit of always having a mask on. I put it on before I leave the house and leave it on until I get home. No touching it with my filthy hands, no forgetting to put it on when I get to the store, etc.

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I hope Cambridge starts spinning up multiple testing locations. I would not be able to get to that location on foot, do not own a car, and do not want to risk a bus ride.

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If you are well enough to do so?

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Is this a blood test or cheek swab, or are they going to shove a stick clear through to stab me in the sinuses?

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