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Cambridge joins Boston and bans construction

Cambridge announced today it's temporarily banning construction due to Covid-19 concerns.

In a statement, City Manager Louis DePasquale said

The decision to pause construction in the city is being made out of an abundance of caution. Our first priority is protecting the hard-working men and women who work in the construction industry in Cambridge. In the coming week, I will be convening an advisory group comprised of business and developer leaders, contractors, public health officials, city staff, and trade union officials to advise me on factors to consider in determining when the moratorium will be lifted.

The city says contractors can petition for emergency construction permits "if they are essential for the support of public safety."

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Unemployment here I come!


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Most of that is in Somerville, and some of it is in Medford, but an important piece is in Cambridge.

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They wanna shuttle bus the Red Line this weekend I think..

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I would wager those file under essential for public safety and will carry on. I don't think DOT or the City wants them to stop but I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong.

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RL construction/maintenance is technically to ensure the continued safety of the track, so it could technically fall under the "public safety" exception.

Not sure about the GLX though.

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As of ~1pm yesterday, there was still significant construction activity at the new apartments on Hyde Park Ave, next to the railroad tracks, south of Forest Hills. I saw this out of the window of my 34 bus, between FH and the first stop.

Pretty sure that those new apartments don't contribute to "public safety".

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Working on at least one new housing are folks who have been hammering, cutting, buzzing and what not in spite of the mayor's request to halt construction. These folks are also working less than 6 feet apart. Reporting this to 311 gets nowhere.

On Monday there were only a few. By Wednesday there were between 5 and 10 working at the site. Don't they realize they are putting their families at risk by exposing themselves to each other?

But then these are the same folks who park several vehicles at an intersection where parking is banned. Why? Because it's an intersection where parking is dangerous.

Smart people who leave their smarts at home.

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