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Bubor Cha Cha is back in business

Bubor Cha Cha

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Beach Street restaurant, which closed last fall, is open again, although with a bit of a different menu, and readers must understand how hard it is for the UHub staff not to try to turn this whole thing into a Jimmy Durante reference.

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I get that joke.

Glad to see this place back. I liked its 1.0 incarnation, when it featured some Malaysian dishes (which we're sorely short of here), and its 2.0 version was my third-favorite a la carte (non-trolley) dim sum place in Chinatown.

Traditional Hunanese would be fantastic! I don't much love Sumiao in Cambridge (too fancy and Westernized), so I have to go to Wakefield's Sei Bar for my fix. (Don't expect Hunan cuisine at the two other Sei Bar locations: dull pan-Asian at those.)

(Adding: on further review, it looks like Xiang Yu China Bistro in Brookline does some Hunanese as well as Sichuan dishes. Have not been there yet.)

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The 1.0 roti was the bomb.

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Said 90% of UH readers...

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