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Brookline pub closes for good

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that O'Leary's, 1010 Beacon St., has shut down, with Covid-19 not being the only reason, though.

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That place was the real deal. Used to go all the time when I worked at BU.

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That sucks. I'm part of the problem as I hadn't been in years. But it was a classic, low key, actual Irish bar. Great staff, although not snappy service. Terrific food, served with a basket of homemade Irish breads. The type of place you went to have a good drink and enjoy the evening conversing with a friend. Even though in was on the edge of BU's campus, you'd never know by the clientele.

They will be sorely missed.

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O'Leary's used to have one of the best Irish music sessions in the Boston area, late afternoon/early evening on Sundays.

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This sucks. All of these closures suck.
It's a nice honest little pub down the street from me. The crowd, while older, was genuine-looking regular folk.

I will say of the two times I've eaten here, the service was t e r r i b l e. The hostess was acting as the main waitress as well, and it took ages to get our table. We watched the woman just sort of stand around and slowly walk between tables and ignored us for awhile. A couple tables cleared out and just sort of sat there for 10 minutes while she stood behind the bar, then behind the front podium... Felt kind of surreal and maybe she was new or out of it.

We probably should've tried sitting at the bar as the guys tending it seemed more engaged.

Anyway, bad news all around.

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I just realized that this is the place where a couple of friends took me for my 21st birthday. There were many drinks, of course. We had a small table up close to the front where there was a guy playing his guitar and singing. One of my friends kept declaring how he was going to go up and request to sing Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles. Eventually he gets up and goes over to the guitarist, whereupon the following happens:
"Hey, do you know any Beatles?"
"Do you know Rocky Raccoon?"
"Good, my friend wants to sing it, it's his 21st birthday."
So I sang it. And, at least in my drunken memory, I was goddamned good too. The place went bananas at the end, I remember that quite clearly. Good times.

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