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Boston doctor to help shape new national response to coronavirus

WCVB reports that President Elect Biden has named Brigham and Women's Dr. Atul Gawande to his new Covid-19 advisory board.




We can't get it to work on the MBTA where so far no tickets have been issued by the Transit Police

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You get the award this morning for most clueless comment today.

Not sure how the MBTA equates to a national mask mandate, but its clear you don't understand why a national mask mandate is important.

This FORCES all states, including ones like Florida and South Dakota where cases are rising rapidly and have thumbed their nose at science, to have a mask rule.

While it doesn't force people to wear one.. like stop & ticket for not having one.. many people WILL follow what the Fed says. Its one of the things that has lacked in the past year..


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You both make reasonable points. It will be up to local officials to enforce a mask mandate, and so far a lot of police departments around the country are just ignoring existing orders. Is a rural sheriff in SD really going to start enforcing a mask mandate just because Biden issues one? Probably not. However, I think you’re right that having a president who actually takes the virus seriously will make a big difference.

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Hopefully things will go faster than they have been going at Haven Healthcare.


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It's a small world after all.

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[ ] Put on a flippin’ mask

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Most states plus large cities/counties already have mask mandates.

Creating the "advisory board" right now is window dressing. The only response they can give between now and late January is "we're monitoring the situtation".

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...my President yet.
I approve of his message.

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Creating the "advisory board" right now is window dressing. The only response they can give between now and late January is "we're monitoring the situtation".

Nah. It's gathering together people who are concerned with public health and not nihilistic demagoguery, listening to what they have to say, and making plans. And, by the way, in the finest Trumpian tradition, it is currently being impeded by a Trump political appointee at the GSA.

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You're speaking as if COVID is completely brand new and has everyone scratching their heads.

For the past eight months, the USA (not to mention the rest of the planet) has had literally thousands of public health entities at the district, city, county, state, and federal level which have been completely focused on COVID plans and policies. And once Biden takes office, he'll instantly have large, well-staffed agencies like CDC, FEMA, HHS, DHS under him which have all been developing systems for dealing with COVID, too, for the past eight months. Once he walks into his new office, there will be thoroughly fleshed out COVID plans waiting for his approval.

So what exactly are these 10 people on the "advisory board" with no resources and no official positions going to do for the next two months that isn't already being done? Window dressing.

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It's a standard part of a presidential transition that they have resource. Unfortunately, a Trump political appointee is blocking them from getting any.

It's a good thing that the Biden team realized this would happen and planned ahead, huh? They set aside money because they figured this would happen. It's a good thing for the country that Dems are better at managing money than the spendthrift Republicans and the grifter Trump campaign, isn't it?

“There was a parallel discussion discreetly happening behind the scenes about the transition. Because the Trump administration was so understaffed, there were so many vacancies, they knew they needed to crisis manage on day one,” said a person directly involved in the transition effort. “The campaign made a strategic decision to start hiring people and getting people vetted. There were people raising [money] in $5,000 increments to help pay for it.” The fund has raised more than $5 million.

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effective leaders do called “planning.” Studies have shown it works better than disbanding groups of experts and then doing nothing while denying the problem.

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Spend the time between the election and inaugration talking about the great things you’re going to do, instead of making any preparations for doing them. Because studying things is so much work. And then after you’re President, keep talking! Praise yourself every day! It beats working.

Poor, unimaginative Joe Biden, on the other hand, needs all the time and help he can get, so he has to start working from the day he’s elected, and gathering actual knowledgeable people to help him do it. How lame is that? I bet the crowds at his inaugration will be tiny, and he probably won’t make a dime off it.

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in the real world, people don’t just react to every new thing that pops up

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You sure?

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I gave your comment a like, but it depends on what you mean by "flippin' mask". Too many people are flipping their mask -- from their face to their chin or neck -- mostly "displaying" it rather than breathing through it, which is the only thing that helps.

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