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Boston councilors ask state to hold off on school reorganization plans

The middle of a pandemic, when students and teachers are still getting used to doing things online, is no time to talk about what could be a fundamental restructuring of BPS, several city councilors say. The Dorchester Reporter has more.




BPS is deciding to restructure the exam school process with a new test, of which there is no information provided for prospective students. How is this fundamentally different, given that exam schools can be life-changing for BPS students (as previously said by several of these city councilors)?

RFPs were due mid-March for a new vendor, and we've heard nothing from BPS yet. Students need information fast and deserve better - particularly lower-income students, who have less stable backgrounds (especially now) and need more time to focus on the material they need to learn to succeed.

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What does COVID19 have to do with measures trying to improve public schools? This is a stall tactic.

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