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Boomy storm moves in

Storm moving in over Jamaica Plain

Evan Stark captured the storm moving in over Jamaica Plain, just before the skies opened up this afternoon:

Emily Murphy, meanwhile, looked out over downtown Boston around 4:45 p.m.:

Storm clouds over downtown Boston

Around the same time, an oculus appeared over Cutler and Millennium parks along the Charles River, where West Roxbury, Dedham and Needham meet:

Hole in clouds over Millennium Park

Steve H. reports lightning hit a house at 21 Munroe St. in Somerville around 5:15 p.m. and that fire crews from Somerville, Cambridge and Boston responded.




Uhubby is going whimsical.

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for the rain (although it still wasn’t enough to ease this drought) but I can do without the damaging storms. I like a thunderstorm that’s all steady rain and a moderately entertaining light and sound show.

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New England is supposed to have more of these intense storms in the future, leading to a bit more precipitation overall, but less sticking around. (...if I recall my wife's summary of the paper correctly, which I may not.)

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Thunderstorm events which lasts much longer than they seemed to last when I was younger. Back then storms used to be in and out in about 15-20 minutes (or maybe 30 occasionally) and then nothing else, but now it seems like we get a cluster of storms that hangs around for over an hour (tonight the first thunderclap I heard was around 5:00 but it didn't end until well after 7). And many of the counties were under multiple severe warnings that came one after another.

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For one thing, I seldom recall the skies getting nearly as dark just before one of these things hit as they do now. Yesterday, our power went out about 4:30, and the house got so dark I had to find a flashlight.

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My toddlers thought it was early bedtime! Dagnabbit

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OK boomy

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