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Board rejects plans to convert Downtown Crossing apartments into executive suites

The Zoning Board of Appeals today rejected a company's plans to convert 21 apartments at 103-111 Arch St. into executive suites after elected officials and a neighborhood residents association said the proposal would be an end run around the city's short-term rental restrictions and efforts to increase the amount of housing stock available for Bostonians.

A lawyer for Sonder USA, which runs executive-suite properties across the country, said its suites would be aimed at tourists, but denied accusations it would run the units as an unlicensed hotel.

An aide to City Councilor Ed Flynn, whose district includes downtown, also cited potential trash and noise issues from transient guests.

Also opposed: The mayor's office, Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George and the Alliance of Downtown Civic Organizations. The Downtown Business Improvement District supported the proposal.




Oh those transient guests, next they”ll be driving out tourists.

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Oh those transient guests, next they”ll be driving out tourists.

Alternatively, the hotel-without-a-hotel-license executive suites business pulls housing out of, and therefore drives up prices in, the rental market for people who, you know, actually live and work here.

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Choose your estate, choose your fate.

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I really hope Sonder goes under.

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...as it were.

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I guess the right palms weren't greased.

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lol I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact rental prices are down something like 20% in the city thanks to covid. the developer OF COURSE cannot be expected to simply LOWER HIS PROFITS by adjusting the approved apartment rents to be competitive to the now lower market. I mean, what's next, investors actually losing money on bad investments instead of being bailed out?? madness.

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