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Boston College students either don't care or they don't check their e-mail

With Boston College in the news because of a Covid-19 outbreak, a school vice president e-mailed students Friday afternoon reminding them to wear masks, social distance and not have parties, at the risk of suspension. The student newspaper, the Heights, however, reported on the scene on campus Friday night:

Despite Moore’s admonition, large groups of students gathered outside freshman residence halls on Upper Campus and Newton Campus just hours after the email was sent, many of whom were not social distancing or wearing masks.

No University officials were seen on site to enforce the University’s restrictions this past Friday night as dozens of students gathered adjacent to residence halls, many not wearing masks while standing in close proximity.

The next morning, Boston, Newton and state officials held an emergency meeting with BC to demand the school do more to combat its campus outbreak.



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The time-honored hockey cheer is factually correct: BC sucks.

Maybe do a little more than send emails asking for compliance? Trying to ascertain how the campus community is complying themselves, rather than waiting to hear from others, seems like a good idea.


They don't care, and they didn't check their emails.

Don’t care :(

Don’t care :(
Whoops, duplicate reply. That’s okay though, because they really, REALLY don’t care.


So maybe those are Northeastern students - who at least get tested every couple of days.

Their mom may still have AOL but you might as well send notices by morse code or pony express.

Not at all- we love written communication. Now if you'd said phone calls, then I would've agreed 100%.


I guess you'll never have your credit card rate lowered or get a great deal on an auto warranty..

Anyone that has been in a local college also knows that they set up an e-mail address for you for college communications. That can sometimes take weeks to set up and can often be rife with problems. You then have to set that up on your home system or cell phone, and many kids these days only have cells or tablets.

So one question to be entertained is whether the e-mail was even received. I know plenty of college attendees that only check their e-mail when using a campus computer on site because the campus systems make it hard to get access off site due to security features that are pushed to the limit.

So before we blame e-mail, get the details. I know plenty of people, old and new, that think Facebook Messenger is e-mail. When you explain they are wrong you get the "deer in the headlights" look. For most these days a computer is no longer a tool. It's the box with th epretty lights that you look at.

Well, those under 40 that have jobs which involve computers and working from home most certainly use email at least for business.

With the rise of tools like Slack, etc, it's not uncommon for me to go a few days without more than a glance at my email. Weirdly, I probably do more phone calls than emails these days.

Guess it depends on how the divide of internal/external works.

I just left my job with an 70/30 external/internal split.

I ended up with *too* many ways for people to communicate with me:

* Regular company email
* 2 different LinkedIn accounts with separate mailboxes
* Internal IM
* Cell phone with text messages
* Separate application with instant text messaging feature (to keep my cell # inaccessible to outsiders)
* VOIP office phone (which at one point had text messaging functionality)

It's a combination of both not caring, and not checking one's mail. That's what a lot of students do, I think,

that those under 40 don't bother checking their email. They know that that's the method that school administration uses to communicate with them, so they damn well better be on the lookout for those communications. Ir's easy enough to set up phones so that emails from certain accounts/domains generate an alert. If you can't or won't do that, you don't belong in college.

Ignoring the requests to social distance is just another level. These students should be thrown out on their asses, just like at Northeastern. However, if BC won't send their campus cops or other officials around to monitor these gatherings I guess it will be hard to identify exactly who to boot out. Given the occurrence at NU, I fault BC for not enforcing these rules more aggressively.


Northeastern is testing students three times a week, whether or not they have symptoms. BC has no plans to test asymptomatic students and sick students are saying they are having a hard time getting tested. BC is taking no cues from other schools or common sense.


WHDH reports a BC student who doesn't feel well has been having trouble just getting tested.


Saw that on this morning's news and was appalled.

all the covid-19 relayed emails.

How many covid-19 emails do you get a day?

Did you read all your covid-19 emails today? I've got through the trash folder once or twice looking for the important one....

...and it came from my university, I'd pay attention.

and how much of the news we're being given about this is something we already know?