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Life above a bar coming to Centre Street in Jamaica Plain

Construction above Costello's in Jamaica Plain

Construction underway. Photo by Eli Hoffman.

Workers have been busy of late adding four residential units on two floors atop Costello's Tavern, 723 Centre St.

Owner Matthew Griffin obtained a building permit in November for the roughly $1.1-million project.

Costello's itself has been closed since March, when Gov. Baker ordered bars closed as part of the state of emergency.

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Used to be two floors as well. The second floor was removed when the bowling alley burnt down in the early 70's.

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Where some landlords actually cut floors off their buildings in the 1970s.

Wallpaper City on Poplar Street is getting two floors and eight units added right now; similar to the way the building where Redd's and Tony's used to be on Washington Street had new floors added back a few years ago.

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The space above the former Redds and Tony's had upper floors as part of the original structure. In fact the space on the 2nd floor, historically, was the home of the first silent film house that was accompanied by piano. The Rialto Theater which stood on the footprint of the Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center was built long after "talkies" came into their own.

The upper floors over Redds had a fire after being vacant for decades. It was around 1968, and the upper levels were removed and the building capped at the street level. The place where the stairs enter the building now on Washington Street to the upper apartments is the same location of the former entrance to the upper level. It was capped and the façade redone when Redds moved in.

The former Unleased by Petco building, the former JB Uniforms (nee Kiddieland) also had upper floors and the abandoned entrance to the upper floor is still there.

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I did know about the former entrance being reused, because it came up at the infamous community meeting where only Tim McCarthy kept Vinnie Marino and Tony from coming to blows.

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Will the abbot live upstairs?

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THIS is the development that won't bother the lower-density neighborhoods. More additions to 'tax-payer' blocks, please.

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COVID won't be the last pandemic we experience. I have heard of reports from other cities that folks are moving out to the suburbs. Has this affected demand in the Boston market at this time? I feel that suburban empty nesters would be the first group to rethink about moving into the city during this time.

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For how soon the new tenants complain about living above a bar?

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Time to whip out the data on other similar residences in the city above bars and restaurants. It's not the bar it's the parking lot that is the problem.

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All the one-story buildings leave that stretch of Centre pretty badly underutilized. More of this please.

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They're adding a second floor. They thought about adding a third floor, but that's another story.

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Hope Matt Griffin moves to one of the units above his bar!!!!

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