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Baker announces $668-million grant fund for restaurants and other hard-hit small businesses

MassLive.com reports.

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Have $10M for gender issues in Pakistan?

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Do you really like showing your ignorant ass in public? It's not a good look

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Whatevs, Charlie Sheen

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Your tween put you up to this, right? And is now taking screenshots and sending to their friends and saying "lol look at my idiot parent, I told him that all the kids were saying 'whatevs'".

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For those that are unaware , the federal omnibus spending bill that includes covid relief does in fact contain other non related issues, as is customary.

"$10 million for gender issues in Pakistan" was specifically requested by trump's proposed budget and approved by the Democratic and Republican negotiators.

According to Yahoo News,

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) website also states that it works with Pakistan to improve women’s access to economic opportunities, increase girls’ access to education, improve maternal and child health, combat gender-based violence, and increase women’s political and civic participation in Pakistan.

Yes covid relief is a critically important issue, but not the only issue existing in the country of the world today.

And of course as you knew when you asked, it won't be part of Baker's relief bill. Thanks for asking, Rat

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The Yahoo story actually was originally from Fox !!, correctly reporting the trump budget request that was included in the bill

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Your point is that we should all eat the Fox shit sandwich, because they missed a chance to lie about something? No thanks. That's one of the few good apples in a rotten barrel.

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So they could do something all along. Wild.

Just in time. /s

[Yes, I read the part that this happening partly because Trump is expected to sign the relief bill, but that article states:

None of the money is dependent on money the state hasn’t received yet...


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But that tells us exactly nothing about when the money was received, for all we know a big money transfer could have cleared this morning before the announcement.

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But then the next question is when was the transfer requested? Or when was this plan initiated?

I would have empathy if they applied for the money in July and it finally came through, but if they just got around for digging up this money last week, then I have a different opinion.

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