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Apartments, condos, artist space and expanded Haley House approved in Nubian Square

Architect's rendering of Washington Street proposal

Rendering by DREAM Collaborative.

The Zoning Board of Appeal this morning approved a new building at 2147 Washington St. in Roxbury that will include 62 affordable apartments, 12 affordable condos, enough room to double the capacity of the newly reopened Haley House Cafe and 4,000 square feet of shared studio space for the artists who will be the main group the building's units will be marketed to.

In their BPDA filing, New Atlantic Development LLC and Dream Development LLC wrote:

All of the units within 2147 Washington Street, whether rental or homeownership, will be marketed to, and a preference will be given to, artists and persons employed in creative professions that might fall out of the traditional definition of an artist. These professions include, for example, graphic design, architecture, media & film, video game design, culture & preservation, marketing and publishing.

The building will sit on what was formerly vacant land owned by the city Department of Neighborhood Development, as part of a program to convert vacant and parking lots in Nubian Square into housing.

According to the developers, this is part of how they will be able to offer 16 apartments to people making no more than 30% of the Boston area median income, 8 to people making no more than 50%, 21 at 60% and 17 at 80%. Of the condos, four will be sold at whatever the market will bear, four to people making no more than 70% of the area median income and four to people making no more than the area median income.

The BPDA board approved the project earlier this month.

Project documents.




Maybe they'll name it Nubian Heights

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where a 6-story mixed use building in a neighborhood of similar character is considered tall

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This sounds great. More of this please.

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Beats coughing under the exhaust filled canopies at Dudley

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Yeah got to electrify the fleet since buses are the future of Boston public transportation.

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Also can we start calling Nubian Square "The Nube"?

It's just fun to say you're going to go hang out in the Nube.

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"Noobie," like "Southie," or "Eastie," or "Rozzie?"

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Why artists in particular? Why not families, given the affordability crisis that many politicians have voiced and the great potential for gentrification that many community leaders fear?

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There are lots of vacant lots in the area and DND has found a bunch of developers to build affordable housing that is not targeted at artists. For example.

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Good god, those things proposed for between B-2 and the BPL are fugly.

I like this proposed building, which looks pretty timeless and classic.

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Fantastic. Gotta give Walsh credit lately. He's putting these empty public lots out to bid for affordable housing finally and moving them along pretty quickly. Love seeing Haley House in there too.

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