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Another city councilor looking at running for mayor

MassLive.com reports that City Councilor Andrea Campbell (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale) is "seriously considering" running for mayor next year. At-large Councilor Michell Wu announced this week she's running. Mayor Marty Walsh has yet to say if he plans to seek a third term.




At this point the solution to our biggest problems as residents and taxpayers of City of Boston have to start with one question. What are the problems that are happening in this city that don't make us want to live here anymore, work here anymore, and raise our children here anymore?

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Schools and crime. They're much better than in the past, but we still have a long way to go.

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Michelle will get my vote if she proves she will show change on the issues that have not been improved.

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Campbell has been stale ever since she got into office. She keeps throwing out all of these big plans to make herself look like a big thinker and a high-level leader, but she fails at drawing a path towards success.

Abolish the police - great, I'm with you but how do we do this when we all agree that it can't be done overnight? Nothing.

Overhaul BPS - great, I'm with you but your plan lacks details and clarity and just throws out huge aspirational ideas that we all know can't happen overnight.

Time for Campbell to take a step back and let the real Mayor step into her seat. WU TRAIN.

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is a considerable political liability

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Really? Wait until you hear what Marty Walsh used to do.

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Er, withdrawing my comment after reading full story. But, I don't think it does. How does living the life she's had not improve not detract from what people think of her?

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acknowledge his significant criminal problems, or any difficult family or personal matter. Her life experiences, work ethic, intellect and fearlessness make her as qualified as any current office holder, candidates or potential candidate.

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