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All that rain and snow last month helped ease the drought in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs reports that while the entire state is still kind of droughty, precipitation last month means we're no longer in a critical drought.

Ed. note: Further proof comes in the Charles River between Millennium and Cutler parks, where the islands or sandbanks that had appeared over the summer - long enough to begin to get colonized by land-based plants - are now under water again.

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That's great we're currently no longer in a "critical drought". However, this is the 2nd drought we've had in 4 years. Remember how much snow we got last winter? Not much, I don't think. And it's almost been 80 degrees the past few days. Yes, great to have warm weather but at what cost?

I recall reading a report during the last drought that Quabbin Reservoir had enough water to "last" 3 years. I wonder that means in a world where rainfall and snowpack continue to diminish. I'm not looking forward to the riots when people are told they can no longer water their lawns anymore.

It reminds me that in spite of all the attention on the recent election and the pandemic (and yes, I understand why both those subjects have gotten so much attention, thanks), that climate change is here, the effects are here, and barring some kind of miracle solution, things are not going to be so wonderful in the next decade.

So enjoy the water and the trees while we have them.

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You can walk most of the circumference of Jamaica Pond on the exposed "beach" that is underwater in normal times. Also, driving by the reservoir off 128 in Waltham, which I believe serves Cambridge, you can see plenty of exposed rocks along the shore that are not normally visible.

Continue to conserve!

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