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14-year-old was holding up food-delivery guys in the Annunciation Road area, police say

Boston Police report arresting a 14-year-old they say was wanted on a warrant "in connection to an ongoing investigation into several unarmed robberies involving food delivery drivers in the area."

Police say officers nabbed him around 5:45 p.m. on Annunciation Road "after a brief struggle" on Monday.

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Several armed robberies?Did they ever arrest and kids for all the robberies on the Soutwest Corridor.

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In recent months it appears young people have the propensities to commit, increasingly violent Acts against people.

It appears and seems, young people are becoming increasingly more disrespectful hostile and viciously violent.

My question to everybody is what do you believe are some of the causations for this increase Violence by young people?

My second question, is what do you believe are some Solutions to deter, manage or stop these senseless acts a violence?

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Please fight the urge to panic. The kids are alright, a few knuckleheads notwithstanding. Relax.

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If the answer to that question is NO. Then Sssshhhhh. No one exactly is panicking. I'm well aware it's only a fraction of young people just like it's a fraction of any criminal element that is generating these crimes. This doesn't mean that we don't come up with Solutions or ideas to interdict manage and suppress. This doesn't necessarily mean incarceration. To do absolutely nothing is incomprehensible. At least let's start the discussion. So you relax and come up with some answers.

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Kids are actually less violent today than they were decades ago. Time to reconsider making decisions based on what "appears and seems"?

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I appreciate your critique however you certainly did not provide any types of solutions. Clearly I said in the recent months acts of violence by young people have increased and are significant in severity.

If you do not have solutions to offer then you're not responding to my question your only critiquing my request for information and discussion, hence part of the problem. Try telling that to the victims and survivors of crime committed by young people.

Try offering some solutions next time.

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You used the words "increase" or "increasing" four times in your post. Thinking about how to reduce youth violence is, of course, always good, but framing it as a fight against "increasing" violence when in fact there is no increase will result in the wrong solutions. This is a long-term issue. Looking for causes from the past few months probably won't lead anywhere.

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