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You might think we are lying about a test Red Line train dying

UPDATE: The T now reports: "As of Sunday, June 16, Braintree branch riders will no longer need to switch trains at JFK/UMass."

As promised, the MBTA sent test trains down the repaired Red Line track at JFK/UMass today to see if it's ready for service on Monday. Only they ran into a problem that had nothing to do with the track: One of the test trains suffered mechanical problems and died - which led to 20-minute delays along the Braintree branch.

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At least we are back to the normal level of Red Line failures, right?


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Charlie Baker style

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"Can't anybody here play this game?" - Casey Stengel

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The T is a disgrace. Fire everyone from the utterly worthless unions to the completely corrupt management and start over. They are laughing at us.

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The legislature for all its posturing LIKES the MBTA being broken. It's been their patronage dumping ground ever since the MTA became the MBTA. A 40 year maintenance backlog and a toxic management and union culture didn't start overnight. It was intentional!

The only way the MBTA is getting fixed is if the legislature is forced to ride it with the rest of us ungrateful peasants. They made this mess over a long period of time. They should have to drown in the shit like the rest of us instead of ziping around in gilded carriages on our coin while toffing at us.

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Or we could pay the employees more so they do better work.

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My sense of humor meter is broken. Please tell me you’re joking. The operators and motor persons get annual raises to yell at us to get on and mix up station names. Charlie’s buddies make pretty good bank too. . Some of the execs can get multiple raises per year.

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