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Yesterday was not a good day to have a hole in your roof

WBZ reports 12 people had to be evacuated from a triple decker on Boylston Street in Jamaica Plain due to major flooding caused by rain coming in through the roof.

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The things you have to deal with to only pay $2500/mo in rent.

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That sounds like an unholy, expensive mess to deal with. To the people in the house in question: Here's hoping you're all okay, and that you don't have too, too much water damage to property and possessions.

Sorry that happened to you.

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I heard the slow drip start behind me and fortunately it was finding an old drywall anchor in the ceiling to drip through rather than bubbling the entire ceiling until collapse.

Then it started coming from the ceiling fan...then the upper window sash...

I now have 3 buckets in the attic pressed against the wet rafters to keep the water from getting to my ceiling and the landlord has a call out to a roofer.

Fortunately, no serious damage this time and I won't have to move out for now.

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