Wicked thirsty on the 32?

Man with barrel on the 32 bus

Vesa Tormanen spotted this guy on a 32 bus barreling down Hyde Park Avenue to Forest Hills this morning. "Not something you see every day on the MBTA," he notes.



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The BPL was never really known for it's friendly or welcoming staff.

Yes it is

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Speaking as someone who really appreciates both the new wing and the old reading room (and the courtyard in warmer weather).

Um, I thought we were talking about a guy with a barrel on his lap. Your comment algorithm needs some fine tuning. Is it affected by the cold?


It's an abundantly clear link

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There is a very good chance- probably a certainty- that this guy is going to the library. Duh.

Speaking of which, why is GM going away from selling compact cars?


I imagine the association

I imagine the association chain to be a bit more advanced:

Man on bus with barrel...
Barrel of monkeys...
Curious George...
Where can you get Curious George? (no, not yet...) At the Curious George Shop in Cambridge...
What else is in Cambridge? Harvard...
Harvard also has property in Allston...
Allston part of Boston...
Boston Marathon...
Marathon Finish Line near BPL in Copley Square...
Is Copley Square Boston Public Library really welcoming, actually comfortable for library users?



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It was a perfectly cromulent comment.

grammar is improving, subject

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grammar is improving, subject recognition degrading. might want to add another layer of data to learn from, dude


Speaking of which...

... did you know that Finnish and Hungarian are closely related to each other, but not very many other languages? Except, according to some linguists, Japanese.

Estonian too dawg

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Those three are the Finno-Ugric languages that are living and have a decent number of speakers. And yes, the theory that Japanese has similarities to Finnish is fascinating.

Recycled Rainbarrel

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Many communities turn these olive oil shippers into rain barrels and offer them up to those who would like to economically capture the abundant local rainwater.



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Great American Rainbarrel Company, 1715 Hyde Park Ave, I've been wanting one but wasn't sure how to get it home until now, problem solved!



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...compost barrel.

Knock together a frame, poke a hole through the sides, put a gasket/sleeve in it so it won't tear, run a length of rebar through it, you have a great end-over-end spinning compost barrel. I have two of them.

I've got the exact same rain

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I've got the exact same rain barrel!

Love it, got it through my town for much less than purchasing on your own. Look for your town to offer the same. Came with spigot, plugs, and I got the stones for added filter.

I highly recommend.

to me

He looks like he's bringing home a giant bottle of aspirin. Must have a horrible headache.

I'm most impressed that he

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I'm most impressed that he had the courtesy to only take up one seat! Some guys can't even seem to do that without a huge barrel!


Obvious explanation

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It's a space saver. C'mon, people, keep up.

I realize that this comment is just a poor echo of jmeltzer's immortal contribution the other day on the subject of the Nantucket Lightship. We all do what we can.

Walking pill

Looks like a giant fish oil capsule.

I do have a water barrel like that. Good for watering things, washing my kayaks, etc.

I throw mosquito dunks into it to keep the little buzzers down.