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White supremacists win publicity battle, and will likely win another

An alleged "straight pride" parade through the Back Bay and the South End planned for Aug. 31 made Buzzfeed yesterday, so you know people were talking about it.

The group that's allegedly planning the parade, whose alleged leaders include one of the "Resist Marxism" guys who like to march on the Common or just stand on the Parkman Bandstand, won a big victory. So now they just have to wait until, oh, Aug. 1, when they can claim they have to cancel the event because of threats from antifa, or Marty Walsh, or antifa and Marty Walsh, and get even more publicity.

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it was everywhere... Advocate,. Washington Post, NYT.. this story went viral. Of course, all naming Boston. Makes us look terrible.

But I propose.. let them have it. But they have to use this parade route:


Sorry Adam.. that graphic is just too funny.

"take a short walk off long wharf"

best thing is.. that ends at the Provincetown Ferry.



It shows we allow opposing viewpoints to be heard however juvenile/racist/misogynistic they may be.

I first gave this a "whatever, Nazi incels gonna Nazi incel" but as this story got picked up more and more people I know have been saying,

"Ok, Nazis. We're doing THIS again?"

I say let them bring it.

We outnumbered then last time, ohhhh what was it....200-300 TO ONE!!!!!!

We made them look like complete f$#@ing idiots.
Scrawny dopes draped in Trump flags and Pepe shirts were mocked, ridiculed, and publicly humiliated when they tried this on the Common.

The Nazis want a street fight, to be provoked, its what their perpetually aggrieved lizard brains crave. To be noticed.

And we WILL notice. Then laugh, chant, sing, and mock them back to their safe havens in the burbs and the wilds of New Hampshire.

I'm 100% looking forward to this. :-)

These kind of events are very embarrassing for white people. On the level of the all white stupid white people canoeing blindfolded in that L.L. Bean commercial or Kars for Kids commercial.



I forgot to add in my other comment,

To those of us counter-protesting make sure to TAKE PICTURES!


What theyre wearing, their faces, everything.

These things can turn bad rather quickly and if Charlottesville was any indication, we'll need as much evidence to bring any potential violent offenders to justice.

Be vigilant and have fun.


So no one can take a picture of your face, right comrade?


...with anTEEEEEEfa, Roman. Do you spend as much time obsessing over UFOs?


It's the fascists who wear the helmets and bandanas these days.


You know that "antifa" means "anti-fascist" right?

So maybe I'll find a WWII-era US Army uniform. Those guys were the original anti-fascists.


Like you actually think the mask-wearing anarchists torching cars and assaulting people on the street are the good guys.


Like you actually think the mask-wearing anarchists torching cars and assaulting people on the street are a thing.

You support fascists and bigots, but are too much of a coward to admit it openly. While I detest pretty much everything you stand for, I'd at least respect the honesty.

I support the rights of fascists and bigots and idiots to have their say and to spend their money as they please. For the very simple reason that no one should be empowered to excommunicate citizens from society except a jury of their peers when presented with evidence that they are guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Unpopular opinions are not a crime. Societies that declare unpopular opinions to be crimes fail. Invariably.

I always have believed this.

I have always said so.

Always said why, too.

People with vile, stupid opinions self-excommunicate from society. Nobody has to like you, tolerate you, or listen to you; what ridiculous sense of entitlement makes a person think that they can be an intolerant neonazi, but somehow people opposed to that basement-dwelling Pepe-wanking ideology can't shout it down?
This demonstrates a complete disconnection from society and a fundamental misunderstanding of what personal liberty actually entails.

Could also pass for an “Anti-Mosquito Rally”


From The Volatile Mermaid on Twitter:

The straight pride parade will be mostly men because very few women will get to come.


So ugly


I doubt anyone would try to shut down a constitutionally protected gathering, that would be fascistic.
Loonies are allowed to be loonies even if we don't like their ideas and most open minded welcoming people realize that.
I think people who March for pride of their sexuality is silly but it's a free country.


Boston is not open minded and welcoming to nazis. Get the fuck out of here with this all lives matter bullshit.


Is by both sides understanding that if they shoot first, they lose and that if they are shot first, they die.

Right now, in this cold civil war that we've found ourselves in, it sure as shit looks like only one side understands this, and is holding its tongue through gritted teeth praying that the archduke keeps sucking down oxygen. The other side is playing with firecrackers at a gas station along the archduke's parade route.

Care to guess where you fall between these two extremes, comrade zach?


Man, you really love the smell of your own farts.


I mean, even Art Bell would hang up on you at this point.

You are clearly not from here. Now get out.

IMO, they can have a straight pride parade if they really want to. It just makes the organizers and the participants look like a bunch of idiots though. I'm unaware of any point in time in the US or elsewhere in the world where straight people were persecuted, oppressed, or given unequal rights because of their sexuality. We're fortunate that in Massachusetts, we've made a lot of progress towards equal rights regardless of sexuality or gender identity. However, in other states and federally, we still have a ways to go.


They want to have their silly party then by all means, have it. No one will get in the way of making themselves look stupid

I already have my "It's Adam & Steve, Not Adam & Eve" sign ready


Being open-minded allows us to make judgments about the value of ideas. "Straight pride" is a ludicrously transparent attempt to swipe at LGBTQ people, and no one is fooled except those who willfully cooperate.

Being welcoming allows us to welcome those who want to share.

I think people who March for pride of their sexuality is silly

I think if your people had been harassed, beaten, killed, criminalized, and still survived, you'd be proud. But they weren't, and you feel that gives you license to sneer at those who were.


You shouldn't do that.
And I dont know what "my people" actually means.to you but to me my people means me and my family, I dont like to have my identity attached to a group of people who are similar to me in race ot sexuality and nothing else.
My thoughts are mine not some groups talking points I need to follow.


You've already put yourself into a group by using the word "loonies" to describe people whose sexuality differs from your own.


Which group did I put myself in?
I think the straight rights group is loonie, so I must be gay?
Or the other way around?
I speak for ME, my thoughts about anything come from my brain not which group someone thinks I belong to or not.
I call people who look like me and dont look like me loonies if I think they are doing loonie things, and marching because you are proud of something you are born with (race, sexuality etc) to ME, is silly and or loonie.


...the groups to which you belong -- your race, your sexuality, your gender -- have never been stigmatized? Perhaps?

Please stop telling people about the fit of the shoes that you've never worn.


I speak for myself.


Let's just leave it that you don't get why LGBTQ people want to march and you don't care to learn.


That some people think differently than you and have their own views on things.
You seen to have a need to show me that your views are proper and mine are not, that isn't going to happen.
Hugs and Kisses,

The ideas that "...some people think differently than you and have their own views on things" and by extension just let everyone do what they want sound appealing and even seem like the most logical ways to go about life. Then you think about it for a second and you realize that thinking that way only works in a vacuum.

Cis hetero individuals make up the majority of our population and there's nothing inherently wrong with that! The problem is that they literally make the rules in this country, and empathy is not our strongest trait as humans.

We tend to see efforts toward equality for a marginalized group as a threat to the rights of the majority, as though it were a zero sum game -- hence the need to organize a march for "straight rights" in a puritanical country largely made up of heterosexual individuals whose rights are enshrined in every facet of our government.

I'll let Karl Popper explain the rest:

Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. — In this formulation, I do not imply, for instance, that we should always suppress the utterance of intolerant philosophies; as long as we can counter them by rational argument and keep them in check by public opinion, suppression would certainly be unwise. But we should claim the right to suppress them if necessary even by force; for it may easily turn out that they are not prepared to meet us on the level of rational argument, but begin by denouncing all argument; they may forbid their followers to listen to rational argument, because it is deceptive, and teach them to answer arguments by the use of their fists or pistols. We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.

Now, please, can you and the rest of the trolls just shut the fuck up about "thinking differently"?


I had to have four fingers of scotch. .
The middle school level insult was brilliant though, you can't go wrong with telling someone to shut the fuck up and calling them a troll. Excellent.
It didn't work however, my personal beliefs have not changed.
I Thank you and Karl Popper for trying.

or maybe you tried to read it and it challenged your view so you responded to the one thing you had the vocabulary with which to refute.

can’t say i didn’t try! *shrug*

I did need some help with the larger words but I got the gist of it.

you have no substantive response? i’m truly curious.

It didn't work however, my personal beliefs have not changed.

It isn't really a "belief" thing, though. It's a "fact" thing. It's a fact that cisgendered heterosexuality has always had the full force of law supporting it in this country, and that only recently and in limited areas (like, NOT most of the country) were LGBTQ people granted protection under the laws. Most straight people today, particularly in places like Massachusetts, refuse to admit that this is true, even though it is fact, not opinion. You get to have your own opinion, you don't get to have your own facts.


When I say marching for pride in your sexuality is silly but have no problem with people doing it. Some on here just can't understand that I guess.
They think I need to be convinced it's not silly and I should change my mind.
I don't want to shut down the straight pride or the gay pride parade, have at it.

very recent progress over centuries of oppression, violence and marginalization. The other is a sneering rebuke by a few members of a privileged majority to the very notion that overcoming that bigotry is something to be recognized and cheered. The arrogant, cruel homophobia underneath it is patently obvious. It’s meant to ridicule and demean the notion of Pride. It’s inherently hateful.

The right of these sad, loveless schmucks to hold and air those views is indisputable. But whether or not you have a gay friend or relative in your life, if you have a shred of human empathy, you should find them loathsome, and say so.


No one cares if you think it's silly or not, just like no one cares if you think the Civil Rights movement was futile or not. You're having emotions about something that is a matter of fact, and there's nothing sillier than that.

and religious fanatics who could command their followers to pay no mind to the pointy-headed intellectuals telling them the world was round.

I'm not going to go arguing with Popper's fundamental idea. I agree with it. Our full suite of Constitutional rights don't extend to enemy soldiers marching to kill our children and steal our women (to borrow the French formulation), for it is insane to attempt charge, try, and convict every enemy combatant instead of just shooting him. That's fair.

So again, the disagreement we have is in identifying the enemy, gauging his strength, and making a determination as to whether he is sufficiently reviled and discredited in the public sphere for Popper's test to go toward tolerance, or whether he is sufficiently numerous, influential, or dangerous for Popper's test to toward intolerance.

So let's ask where that fanaticism is these days, and what is its flavor, and how influential and/or dangerous it is given where it has found a home.

You're implying that it's the ascendent neo-Nazis (who are for some reason equated with three--count 'em--three guys trying to stage a straight pride parade), and present such an existential danger that Popper's criterion is met.

That's a stretch. At best. As I keep saying, the only people pumping air into the Nazi balloon are leftist media trying to scare up a boogeyman in the absence of any real dangers. This is one of the safest and most tolerance countries on Earth. Life has never been better. First world problems are the only ones most of us have got left.

And while we're at it, the small (and it is small) number of violent incidents attributable to racism is a smaller problem in the long term in comparison to the willful closing of the mind that one finds on the left, and especially in academia.



Nazi's are jokes and there aren't many of them. Angry leftists are dangerous and are dangerously influential.

thugs. You’re not fooling anyone.


Come off it guy. Your brain shut down the morning of November 9, 2016, and deep down inside you probably know it.

Find me actual numbers for these supposedly ascendent white nationalists and then we'll talk. So far, the only number you've got is 3. As in the 3 guys trying to stage this thing, and zero proof beyond your own echos that any of them are white nationalists.

It’s not an insult to call you a cowardly, lamely both-sidesing fascist-coddler. That’s you, guy. You only have about a thousand posts here reflecting it. Try to run away from that if you can.

I would be fine with that if it were true, but there are too many people at the top of the food chain in this country that have the same just let them be attitude.

To me, the problem is that you (read: people who hold that view) are expecting the rise of Nazis to look like a million perfectly aligned soldiers with matching uniforms gathered on Pennsylvania Ave while President Trump addresses them from the South Lawn.

In fact, the kind of creeping fascism we're seeing looks more like the president of the united states "joking" with police officers telling them to rough suspects up. One who invokes the word "we" when addressing the military despite having never served in any law enforcement or military capacity. One who was ready to invoke the Insurrection Act to allow the military to police the border. The examples go on.

These clips are from the only news source the President indulges.



We are experiencing the bending of truth to suit white people's feelings of replacement. It's real and choosing to ignore it is not great.

We are experiencing the bending of truth to suit white people's feelings of replacement. the need of people who are prosperous and safe (and have been for generations), to find moral justification for their existence by fighting the metaphorical dragon, and to conjure up the worst version of that dragon from their imaginations in the absence of real dragons.

In the absence of any threat like one million uniformed soldiers marching down the Champs-Elysees, or a carrier strike group lurking just beyond the horizon ready to bomb American territory, they conflate the small number of real racists and neo-Nazis in this country (count the torches in Charlottesville: it's a big-ish number for a small town but a tiny number for the whole country), with the much larger number of people who like to make edgy jokes and the even larger number of people who think national borders are not only imaginary lines in the sand.

It's real and choosing to ignore it is not great, given that it's much more substantially documented than the supposed Nazis lurking under your bed.

George Carlin used to say that when fascism came here, it wouldn't be with swastikas, but with smiley-faces. Ask a simple question: whose propaganda is telling you that the speaker is doing what he's doing for your "safety" and to "reduce harm" from the dangerous subversives in our midst?

whose propaganda is telling you that the speaker is doing what he's doing for your "safety" and to "reduce harm" from the dangerous subversives in our midst?

That would be Donald Trump’s right-wing. See: the “crisis at the border”.

There is nothing about the Obama way of running the border that is no longer tenable? Nothing to see here, move along folks?

You're certainly entitled to that opinion, but if you can step outside yourself, and imagine the mindset of a person who thinks it is the duty of their elected government to enforce the line between where American law applies and where it does not, could you understand why that someone would not interpret the President's pronouncements on the border as fascist propaganda?

I mean it’s well worn news by now that the Obama administration actually ratcheted up the deportation machine.

As far as I can tell, there’s only a crisis at the border when there’s damaging news to drown out. The actual numbers have never supported Trump’s claims of an uptick in illegal immigration.

Let’s not even talk about the fact that Trump himself employ(s/ed) scores of so-called illegal immigrants at his resorts and hotels.

That was a big enough number during the Bush years to justify a bipartisan vote for a border "fence."

I think I misread your "loonie" comment. When I first read it, I thought you were referring to gay people as loonies, but it seems that you were referring to the organizers of the straight pride parade.

Regardless, though, as much as you may not want to be, you are a member of many groups based on the traits you were born with. You can focus on your individuality all you want, but the fact that you can do so probably means that the groups you do belong to are the majority and aren't being persecuted or mistreated.


If you look at the comment "Loonies" were clearly meant for the Straight Parade. He then goes on to say that he also thinks the whole Gay Parade concept is not his cup of tea either but does not call them loonies.

If you read the whole thing , in context, it is clear that he hold contempt for the Straight Parade organizers and just does not care about the Gay Parade Organizers

we have what, 2-3 hours before Roman gets here?

shutting down comments on that last contentious post was the best thing for everyone.


that you felt the need to weigh in on behalf of these cretins? As long as it's a group of trash people, you just need to stop by and say, "Well what they're doing is LEGAL!!"

Congratulations, because that's the best that could possibly said about them.


Some of my best friends are straight.


I don't mind those straight people but the breeding thing needs to stop.


Not many of those guys are going on dates.


Will consist of ten white suburban males who march to the tune of a different drummer. accompanied by a couple of hundred cops on double time.


The city forces us to work these parades.

Believe me, there’s much better things I’d love to be doing on the weekends than protecting a bunch of homophobic men marching through our city, while I think to myself how ironic it is that the vast majority of them are probably just angry virgins anyway.

- a Boston Cop


It’s one of those men only events where they all get drunk afterwards and what happens happens?

can anyone say LGBTQ flashmob?


I'll buy a round of milkshakes


Lactose Against Intolerance. The Brits are on to something.


A d why should the masses heed this call to stab their torches, pitchforks, and milkshakes, you might ask, oh levelheaded reader?

Because some internet rando, citing no actual evidence beyond the reverberations in the Twitter echo chamber, has declared the target of his ire to be a Nazi. That's why.


It's Fact-Free Roman again, turning a comment about milkshakes into torches and pitchforks! Hey, was it the reference to a flash MOB that triggered you?


Roman's stopped being funny, and started being concerning. I hope he has some people in real life that are close to him and can tell him with love that he needs something new in his life.


They're planning a parade on August 31st.

He's like Trump in that regard: obviously got some kind of problem of the sort that, were there anyone in his life who genuinely cared about him, they'd be pulling his coat about it.

The date of this getalifer suburban idjit's "pride march" is August 31.

In Boston.

Think about it...


I wonder if the city did that on purpose?

The alleged organizers picked that, and it just makes it easier for them to cancel before it happens.


a little bit of chicken fried?

Logistical nightmare lol

I'm dense, what does it mean?

Far as I can tell we've got some new country something or other at Fenway and a Drag Show.

Do you mean students coming back?

my god, I feel so stupid....

It's the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. What a shit show.

Allston Christmas Eve.

Okay, I'm completely missing it. What else is happening Aug 31 that makes the choice of Aug 31 for this march any more interesting?

Moving weekend. The whole city will be clogged with U-Hauls that day.

Oh! The plot thins.

I was googling history calendar websites, looking for something profound on an August 31st and maybe some sort of tie to Boston. Best I could come up with was the Shay's Rebellion.

Im over here pulling out protractors and slide rules trying to figure out if it's some kinda code.


When last year's Ikea furniture is recycled.

Maybe the group can upgrade from last year's Radio Shack bullhorn - stop at Allston/Brighton Christmas on the way in and pick up a karaoke machine & speakers.

It's the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Everyone who can get out of the city does. Most anyone left is celebrating Allston Christmas Eve by shearing off the top of their UHaul or triple-parking on a one-lane street in Allston. They really should make them march through Allston, though, climbing over piles of bedbug-infested couch cushions. FREEDOM!

Will Boston celebrate traditional lifestyles and hoist the Straight Pride flag over city hall?

Probably not. The city has already won a court battle over that (although, to be fair, the issue is currently before a federal appeals court).

They'll probably forget a bullhorn or some kind of PA like they did last time on the common, and misdirect the blame.

If this does happen, my prediction is that the parade itself is fairly tame. For maximum effectiveness, they would be wise to utilize the Shock-The-Squares strategy. This would be essentially the white, heterosexual version of assless chaps on a parade float.

Anyone know what that would be? I am envisioning a parade float with a bunch of young, white, heterosexual couples sporting generic haircuts and conservative attire re-enacting a dance, like a Christian church-sponsored mixer.

...they do this all the time anyway.

It's called a "Duck Boat Tour".


That this thing has nothing to do with being white, let alone ideas of white supremacy?

Just throwing it out there.


with the fact that the organizer is a self-identified white supremacist, and that Rhode Island has stopped giving him permits for his white supremacist marches so he's moved his Parade of Dicks up here instead.


I hit "save" about three seconds before realizing I'd missed a golden portmanteau opportunity:

We shall hereafter refer to these proceedings as the "Dickboat Parade".


I have (or had) no idea what this guy’s shtick is. Just seems like an attention seeker to me. Still, this, at least on the surface, isn’t about race. It’s about “straight pride.”

Dickboat Parade is pretty awesome.

The most reliable thing in the universe: your willingness to extend every possible benefit of the doubt, despite mountains of evidence otherwise, towards any white guy being an asshole


I've heard about this here and in the Globe, Herald, and Metro, but still, I don't see how A ("straight pride") gets us to D ("white supremacists"), but if your thought is that having whatever "straight pride" is correlates to being a white supremacist, I'd have to say you don't talk to a lot of non-white people about issues of sexual orientation.

And you are still hung up solely on the name.

Your usual car-apologia shtick is cute, whatever, just didn't think I'd see you carrying water for these clowns.

People have been telling you about the organizers of this event, and you're all "Where, where, I don't see anything". You're either lazy or dishonest, or both.

Go back to my response to Eric G. Read it. Read it again. Then read it once again.

I guess I am doubling down, but since I don't give a rat's ass about this guy, there we are. People say he's a white supremacist, and I cannot deny that. Doesn't change that this silly thing has nothing at all to do with white supremacy. You should check out a guy called Geert Wilders. Not exactly a homophobe that guy was. Race and sexuality are not things that get conflated.

And then somehow still managing to loudly exclaim your willful ignorance.



straight when most of them appear to never have had sex with anyone but themselves.


Their hookups have a 100% satisfaction rate, whereas if a woman was involved, that number would immediately plummet to 50%


Extremely bi and incredibly nomes has started a list of "Boston-area organizations serving the LGBTQIA+ community that people can donate to."


They hate to see someone else (in this case, the LGBTQ community) get to be the topic of conversation. Someone else gets attention for five minutes they cry foul. What babies.

Also screams volumes that they continue to absorb all the negative attention and come back for more. They need to work on themselves big time.

Just let them have it.

Don’t show up and protest. Don’t argue with them online. Don’t give them media coverage. Literally just let them have their parade, start to finish, without any attention whatsoever.

Because this isn’t about “straight pride” or some misguided sense of equality. It’s about creating conflict and screaming for attention. They win by getting us to talk about it and engage with them.

Think about it. Imagine they have this big parade, marching along from A to B spewing whatever it is they spew, with nobody giving a shit except themselves. Then they get to the end, and still nobody gives a shit.

They wouldn’t know what to do if they got what they claim they want without any pushback or conflict, because pushback and conflict are what they actually want.


An angry mob of undersexed racist and homophobic men roaming the streets is not something to ignore.

Let 'em have their parade.

And show them just how pathetic and woefully outnumbered they are.


It would be nice if things worked that way, but they don't. Bad things don't disappear when we close our eyes.

...Wait, you mean this *isn't* satire?


Straight doesn't cut it. The vast majority of straight people want no part of this nonsense.

The Poor Standardized Testers?
The Short Bus Travelers?
Crazed Paranoids who are Susceptible to Fake News?

Or just the old standby:
Angry White Males.

All of these are much better descriptions of the participants and frankly need Pride more than straights do.

Please stop giving this loser and his handful of loser friends a platform. He is obviously a master troll because he got every virtue-signaling, woke-AF progressive to come out and spread the news of his idiotic "parade" across the media. And in doing so, he wins, and makes Boston look like shit in the process.

There will be no "parade". If anything, it will be a small group of zeros walking down the street to get a rise out of people. It will cost the city a ton of money for Police details, and there will be no shortage of woke folks flocking down to "fight the white supremacist patriarchy" so they can instagram it and show how they "stand with (insert cause here)". That is is a waste of time and money.

Want to fight these guys? Ignore them, then show up to the PRIDE parade and support the hell out of our LGBTQ friends, family, and neighbors. The best way to fight a negative is with a positive.

The reality is that these losers don't represent Boston - and most-likely aren't even from here. The reality is that these fringe lunatics are just that - they do not represent "all white men" or "all straight men" - and when the wok folk stary looping every white, straight, male, Bostonian in with these nuts, it goes off the rails. Every progressive is not in Antifa, and every white conservative is not this guy. get it?

The idea of a "straight pride" parade is nonsense - and should be treated as such.


Please stop giving this loser and his handful of loser friends a platform.

He has one already. The question is whether he'll be allowed to use it unchallenged.

And in doing so, he wins, and makes Boston look like shit in the process.

No, he really doesn't. Have you heard the expression "Only hit dogs holler"? Why are you hollering?

There will be no "parade". If anything, it will be a small group of zeros walking down the street to get a rise out of people.

Probably. But what you don't understand (and really seem determined not to understand) is that these aren't random street crazies trying to tell people about fluoride in the water. These people are part of a movement to oppress other human beings.

The best way to fight a negative is with a positive.

It doesn't work that way. Bad things don't vanish when you look the other way.

I get that you don't think it's worth opposing these people. That's your choice. But don't try and dictate anyone else's response, particularly those who are targeted by these bigots.

I give you exhibit A - see above.

Part of a movement? That's rich. His earlier "free speech" rally brought in like 20 fringe losers - and they had to come in from other states.

By getting so triggered - you are contributing to the hysteria - and furthering this nut's cause.

If this scumbag wants to have his parade - let him have it. There is nothing you (or any amount of so-woke virtue-signaling) can do about it.

The entire reason this made it to buzzfeed is because thin-skinned SJWs lost their ever-lovin minds when they read about this guy - as if thousands "straight pride" marchers would be descending on Boston.


And thanks for taking a page right out of the "progressive" playbook. When someone disagrees with you, it's not that they have a differing opinion, it's that they "don't understand". Classic Liberal outlook.

Stay woke.

Part of a movement? That's rich. His earlier "free speech" rally brought in like 20 fringe losers - and they had to come in from other states.

Yes, that time. Are you aware of this thing called "context"? His low turnout AND the response both owed a great deal to the timing of the event, shortly after Charlottesville. If you don't see that, you're willfully blind.

By getting so triggered - you are contributing to the hysteria - and furthering this nut's cause.

Nah, it doesn't work that way. But thanks for your obviously sincere, deeply held concern.

If this scumbag wants to have his parade - let him have it. There is nothing you (or any amount of so-woke virtue-signaling) can do about it.

I can do plenty, but as you lack knowledge, experience and perspective on any of this, and as you obviously have an ax to grind, it's not anything you'd notice or acknowledge.

The entire reason this made it to buzzfeed is because thin-skinned SJWs lost their ever-lovin minds when they read about this guy

Puh-Lease[sic]. Stop projecting.

And thanks for taking a page right out of the "progressive" playbook. When someone disagrees with you, it's not that they have a differing opinion, it's that they "don't understand". Classic Liberal outlook.

And thanks for taking a page right out of the MAGAt playbook. Don't understand it? Can't admit that you feel threatened? Can't take your own advice and just turn your head and mind your own business? It must be the "Liberals"! They're making you pay attention!

Stay woke.

I think I just figured it out. It's the word "woke" that triggers you, isn't it? You start spraying spit and that big vein in your forehead starts throbbing. Dude, you should stop using that word. It's only been used here by you and others like you, clearly trying to raise your own blood pressure. That can't be healthy. Go outside. Smell the flowers. Leave yourself alone. But above all...

...stay stupid.

So woke, dude. I’m proud of you.

*facepalm* This is up there with "We need a white history month if there's a black history month." These are the same people who talk about how inclusive we have become and are getting "soft." Jokes on them cuz this is gna look gayer than the gay parade on Molly

I think the best response is to just ignore it. Just let them have their silly parade and don't respond, don't react, just ignore ignore ignore.

Deprive it of oxygen. Ignoring this would be depriving them of oxygen.

That said, my gut is that people will be showing up with (figurative) cans of gasoline.

Not in real life. But by all means, you choose your activism to respond to those who want to oppress you.

4 years ago a guy decided to run for President. He was given a lot of attention, both positive and negative, and as we know there is no such thing as bad publicity. My gut is that if he didn't get the attention that he got (and let's face it, that's probably most of why he ran in the first place) people would be griping about what a crappy job President Cruz or President Bush is doing right now.

What is the end game of this group? It's the publicity first and foremost. Secondly, by provoking an over the top reaction, they hope to get more followers by pointing to the over the top reaction as proof that their cause, whatever "straight pride" is, is justified.

This is a pop psychology interpretation from someone with no skin in this game, of how people you really know nothing about think and act in a situation with which you have no experience or engagement.

I shall give it all the weight that it deserves.

Let's make this short and sweet. Who ISN'T a Nazi? More to the point who WOULDN'T be accused of being a Nazi?

Being non-white doesn't inoculate you. Being a Jew won't inoculate you. Being gay won't inoculate you.

Infact, being so woke it hurts won't inoculate you if you happen to drink a Peet's Coffee or drive a Volkswagen without stopping every once in a while to acknowledge how problematic it is for you to do that.

God help you if you'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing next month, seeing as NASA in the 60s was literally being run by a Nazi and using rocket technology literally developed in Nazi slave labor camps.

You've got no chance if you're a heterosexual male and aren't even a little bit ashamed of your sexual preferences.

I said this was going to be short. Well, it won't be.

The angry left is Danaerys Targaryen. You've won the culture war: support for gay marriage is overwhelming, it's legal in all 50 states, the President of the United States is advocating for global decriminalization of homosexuality.

But no. Unless everyoneto a man is bending the knee to you at all times, you must burn them all. Smear them, mock them, get them fired, assault them. Because woke. And angry.


"Unless everyoneto [sic] a man is bending the knee to you at all times, you must burn them all. Smear them, mock them, get them fired, assault them. Because woke. And angry."

So angry, so unhappy.

If there were time machines I would invite you to live in the late 60s and walk down the street hand in hand with a male friend. More important is that I hope you would be gay. You would learn what is was to be gay in the 60s - something I can testify to.

Your claim of winning the culture war is pretty is a pretty queer (pun intended) claim given that gay people continue to be beaten to death just for being gay. These examples are a few years old but they are telling. There was the man put into a car trunk by his murderers who believed he was gay. The trunk also had snapping turtles. You might not no the name but there is boy who was tortured and murdered in Wyoming. His name was Matthew Sheppard.

You probably are not familiar with the witch hunts of the 50s and 60s against Gays, of the lies by Anita Bryant which are continued through today by Pat Robertson, Falwell II and the other fornicating Evangelicals who use Gays to as an enemy of both the God and the state.

Roman: You know NOTHING about being a Gay man or woman. Instead of continuing to reveal your willful, sin laden and disgusting ignorance do yourself a favor; where Gay people are concerned say nothing. You know nothing. You make the pride of your ignorance obvious. If you believe that there is a Heaven and Hell get your asbestos suit ready. Heaven is not a place for people who support willful ignorance and hatred.

You won't be alone though. The Traitor will be inside the dirt, head down, right next to you.


to say. I'm glad you feel so empowered that you think nothing of commanding your fellow citizens to express themselves only in ways you deem appropriate.

I'm also glad you believe that only gays can speak about gays. I'm sure you also agree that only blacks can speak about blacks and only women can speak about women, and only Jews can speak about Jews, and only South Koreans can speak about South Koreans (so much for defectors from the North speaking ill about their old home, for once they set foot on South Korean soil, they are granted Southern citizenship).

Next time you have an opinion, you should check to see if anyone you might be disagreeing with belongs to a historically, or presently, marginalized identity that you do not share. If so, then you'll know to keep quiet.


I'm also glad you believe that only gays can speak about gays. I'm sure you also agree that only blacks can speak about blacks and only women can speak about women, and only Jews can speak about Jews, and only South Koreans can speak about South Koreans

Oh, you're allowed. You have a pie-hole and you use it incessantly. You're just full of shit, that's all.

Next time you have an opinion, you should check to see if anyone you might be disagreeing with belongs to a historically, or presently, marginalized identity that you do not share. If so, then you'll know to keep quiet.

That ain't it, cupcake, but your intellectually dishonest self knew that before you wrote it. If you have an opinion ABOUT a marginalized identity that you don't share, then yes indeed you should know to keep quiet. Any decent person does.


are naughty?

Mentally ill people (marginalized group) should not be allowed to shit in the streets.

Drug addicts (definitely marginalized) should not be allowed to set up shop in the middle of name-your-favorite-part-of-town and attract street crime.

Ghetto boys (if ever there was one) should refrain from shooting each other over sneakers.

Atheists should refrain from suing school districts over the pledge of allegiance.

Muslims should refrain from subscribing to the 'at the tip of a sword' version of their religion.

Men should not pretend to be women so that they can "win" an MMA fight, a bicycle race, or a track meet.

I'll run some opinions by you. Which ones are OK and which ones are naughty?

Act your age, Roman. There are opinions and there are facts. In your dog-whistling examples, you clearly show that you can't distinguish between the two. Now here's an "opinion" -- tell me if you agree or disagree: Roman really should stop beating his wife.

See how it works?

Can't disagree with you there. You should also refrain from beating yours.

Not quite the same, is it?

I wish we could get rid of this ridiculous term "woke". It's so grammatically incorrect. Though I suppose I will be slammed for being politically incorrect just for suggesting such a thing. "Awoken" would be better. Has a nice poetic ring to it too. Or maybe we could use "conscious".

I am a gay male, but I feel the same way about the way the word "pride" is used now. Saying "Happy Pride", for example, just doesn't sound right. Pride is a feeling, it's like saying "Happy envy" or "Happy euphoria" or something.

As it happens, I agree with you there ("Happy Pride!" is just...dumb). But I disagree with a lot of things about Pride's modern manifestation as a Mardi Gras parade.

violent right-wing extremism in this country, all you need to do is wander around the darker corners of YouTube for about 20 minutes. To miss it, you either have to be a hopeless idiot, or someone who is actively trying to convince people that there is no monster under the bed, in which case you're one of them at worst, a sympathizer at best.

My guess is Roman is too much of a coward to go full brownshirt; he settles for quietly fantasizing about it and feebly trolling on sites like this where absolutely no one buys his bullshit. Sad!


It's RomanChinatown.

lamely defend a fascist shit-heel whose whole reason for being is to incite street fights and riots against liberal counter-protesters. Sahady has a long history of it, and of sweeping up fellow neo-Nazis, skinheads and white supremacists in his wake.

Nice friends you got there, asshole. Don't think for a second that we don't see you for what you are.

of abhorrent people to speak.

That was simultaneously brave, unpopular, and correct.

Do you know why? Because if the neo-Nazis don't have rights, then none of us do.

No apologies implied or necessary.

as ever. No one is suggesting these continually violent fascist assholes not be allowed to air their bloody-minded hate speech in a public forum. But suggesting anything but that these gross losers are itching to bash heads? That’s all your thin, obvious game.

You’re a disingenuous enabler, fortunately a pathetically ineffectual one. If projecting the sins of thugs like these profoundly shitty human beings onto liberal counter-protesters is your best trick, maybe find another game. It’s witless and hopeless.

Three of them, hundreds of you, and you've got the weapons. Sorry, milkshakes.

Every. Single. Time.

For years now.

The numbers are not on your side if you want to claim you're the peaceful one.

What, you finally figured out that projection isn’t working for you?

Sahady and his associates have a well-documented, long history of inciting violent street brawls and riots. That’s what they do.

I don’t believe you’re delusional. You’re just a bald-faced liar. That's not going to work here, either.

You’re not fooling anyone.

It’s astounding that you can’t see the rise of unhinged leftist violence. It’s truly astounding. We’ve covered your ignorance many a time, but it’s still astounding. Keep burying your head in the sand.

“Ignorance is bliss” - MCSlimJB

the best that these bootlickers of fascists can come up with?

You constantly complain about what the right does, and then conveniently it’s always “nothing to see here” when the left has done the same, or worse.

Your whole shtick is laughable.

His (the scumbag's) last appearance there was all fluff and nonsense.

Wait. So no straight people of color will be there as part of the group? Are they being rejected, too? I'm confused.


...and see what happens.

As an alternative, you could take the 30 seconds to find out something about the organizer.

to laugh at them. To let the world know that as a Gay man I support their 1st Amendment right to speak spew their hate and to let the world know that the US is stronger than these creeps who want to kill Gays.


I'm almost completely sure no one wants to kill you.