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When the billionaire owner of the Patriots became a Florida Man

The Miami Herald brings us up to date on the possible links between an alleged tug job and what might now be an investigation into a Chinese spy ring at Mar-a-Lago:

The idea that a billionaire’s sex act could expose a Chinese spy and influence operation may — and probably should — seem preposterous.

But the Sunshine State is exactly the type of place where a ridiculous turn of the screw can bring down an empire.

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The sun melts peoples brains and hair there :)

Like you wouldn't believe how much Black Opium I have to use on my hair in Miami.
Thank God for Joe's Stone Crabs.


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to do business like they are with Wynn despite the latter being removed from a leadership position at his own company and having his name stripped from the actual brick and mortar building. Just not enough for MA apparently, the seedy business of GAMBING can't have a certified ass-grabber associated with it but its fine for someone supporting human trafficking to run a modern day slave business that turns strong young adults into shaking, drooling messes for cheap thrills, or worse yer gangsta wanna be murderers who off themselves in jail so their family get be compensated.
This state could ruin a free lunch.

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I mean, that's how the Kraft Group makes their money outside of their real estate holdings in Foxborough.

Gambling has a reputation, my friend, so the regulatory bodies handling gaming allegedly hold license holders to a higher standard. Most other businesses, on the other hand, only need to keep their paperwork with the Secretary of the Commonwealth current.

That's how these things work. Now, if Kraft gets into gaming, things change drastically.

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That's up to the NFL, not the Commonwealth.

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Pay for sexual favors and people rightfully demand changes. Screw over the masses with sleezy business practices and you're considered a sharp CEO.

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Magoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Magoo.

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