Welcome to Needle City

WCVB reports that over two years, Boston has collected 1 million hypodermic needles discarded around the city. With a map.




Seem to have the numbers wrong.

In a recent two-year period, 1,059,166 needles were collected. That number includes used syringes turned in under the city’s needle exchange program and 67,162 needles picked up by Boston’s special Mobile Sharps Team.

That is 67,000 needles picked up, not a million.
Still both numbers reflect a lot of needles.



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um, that is 67k picked up by a specific team and nearly a million turned in by other means.


Ambiguous reporting. How many

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Ambiguous reporting. How many of the million were collected from needle disposal bins, versus found on the ground?

Bad idea

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You shouldn't use a map to pick up discarded needles. You should use pliers.


Undercount, I think.

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There were definitely locations that I reported discarded needles via Boston311 that are not reflected on that map.

Can we pay people or ask for

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Can we pay people or ask for volunteers to inject the drugs into them rather than have them do it themselves? This way they have clean needles and we can dispose of them properly. We also may want to make sure we keep the drugs safe and sanitaary.

5 cent deposit

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And I have to pay 5 cents for every bottle I purchase.