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Truth in advertising on the side of a truck

Truck blocking major intersection of Huntington Ave. and Massachusetts Ave. with sign that tells people they can find out what punishment by transportation means

In Boston, "punishment by transportation" really means having a green light at the intersection of Huntington Avenue and Mass. Ave., only you can't go, because the driver of a truck whose side promises an answer to the question of what "punishment by transportation" means went into the intersection even though he couldn't get through it and then got stuck, blocking traffic, as Phil Winley shows us.



Not just for the trucks but mommy tanks from the burbs who are completely and totally lost as far as knowing how green lights, right on red, and knowing when to "just go around the guy in front of you so the 48 people behind you can get to work, work.

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Cross this street everyday, everyday selfish drivers block the intersection because they are butthurt that someone else did it to them and they missed the light....or they are butthurt that there are pedestrians also using the street and they can't hit them because there are too many witnesses....

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Since when were Boston drivers worried about witnesses?

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...those red lights are just suggestions, yes?

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That should be the MBTA's motto!!

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I originally thought this brand name was a dubious choice for a product, since "punishment by transportation" refers to the period in the 18th/19th centuries when Britain used to send off criminals -- or people it just didn't really want around -- to far distant lands, like America and later Australia. (Though other countries did so, too, Britain made a nice little industry of it.)
But when I did some Googling, I found this story on the winery and its product 19 Crimes [https://www.bustle.com/p/19-crimes-wine-is-based-on-the-dark-history-of-.... Apparently, the company includes on the labels for each bottle actual histories of people who were transported. The "19 Crimes" were those offenses that would earn you a sentence of transportation, such as grand larceny or "stealing the shroud out of a grave."
Who knows how successful it'll be, but definitely something out of the ordinary.
(If you want a really good read on punishment by transportation, try Robert Hughes' "The Fatal Shore")

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