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Tree branch messed up Riverside commute, when it fell, was quite a beaut

Eitan Hersh was among the teeming masses forced off a Riverside Line train after a large tree branch fell in front of it between Fenway and Longwood:

Sorry kids. Daddy can’t give you baths or dinner because Charlie Baker can’t get it together and fix the T.

(It’s true the tree branch is not his fault, but the T is so bad it’s rational to blame him anyway)

Bob Brown reports communications at Fenway were not good.




Really? Thunderstorms are Charlie's fault? Next you're going to want the T to clear-cut the D branch like they have the Needham line?

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one or more trees will fall on the Riverside Line, it's more a question okf when. So perhaps the T does need to be more aggressive, and the communities of Brookline and Newton less bureaucratic, when it comes to tree clearing.

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Have tons of contingency plans in place for specific things that could go wrong.

The T does not appear to be one of those organizations, despite its chronic things-going-wrongness.

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The driver of our C train gave people pretty bad advice.

First it was “get off at Kenmore and walk to Fenway.” uhh, Saint Mary’s??

Then it was “get off at Kenmore and wait”

Finally it was “ain’t no train coming so ride to Cleveland Circle and get off and continue for D service.” Boy, sure hope nobody needed a D branch stop before that!”

All in the span of 5 minutes. Felt bad for those people.

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I was on that train and have had that conductor before. He’s really proactive about announcing issues, but is often hard to understand.

I can’t explain the first two suggestions, but I thought the last one was for D riders who needed Reservoir or beyond to continue to Cleveland Circle and switch from there - a good idea based on my understanding of what was happening.

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People in Somerville complained a lot about the wholesale clearcutting of trees along the railroad right-of-way where the Green Line Extension is being built. But the T doesn't want the same problems up here that they have on the Riverside D branch after every big storm.

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