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Time really flies when you're the subscription department of a big newspaper chain

Bob Sprague of Arlington reports GateHouse has found a new way to make money: Have people sign up for 52-weeks subscriptions to its newspapers, then tell them, oopsies, we're ending your subscriptions several months early, so send us more money.

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This is the sort of deceptive practices thing the Attorney General's consumer protection powers should be policing.

Instead some winery will probably get fined for selling below wholesale cost.


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When they've pretty much given up on reporting local news and are now relying on what appears to be a credit card and subscription scam to stay afloat, it's time to pull the plug. Local news reporting is needed and there's a vacuum in the suburbs. If only there were more independent weeklies like the well written and reported ones in Boston's neighborhoods to fill the void. It might be a good time for some of them to swoop in and set up shop in some of the suburbs.

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Nowadays I know that the Bulletin has the better coverage. Sometimes I see a Transcript in passing and bemoan it's decline as a local news source.

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Maybe they could save some cash by moving their subscription department overseas. I hear Manila has good facilities.

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...and great envelopes.

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I found this to be very common with subscriptions. Most people do your keep records and i do and when you call they are not polite.

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subscribing to magazines because of this. I'd start getting fake collections emails a few months before my subscription expired: "To keep your account in good standing, and to avoid damage to your credit, please pay [full price] by [date well before the subscription expires.]

Then they moved to requiring a credit card to be on file so they can charge you an "auto renew" several months in advance, and opting out of auto-renew is almost impossible to find on their website.

This is altogether too much work for the content of most magazines, which are 90% ads anyway.

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Makes me think it’s time for me to support good journalism with a subscription to UHub.

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