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With a thunderous crack, tree came down along D Line track

Downed tree in Chestnut Hill on the Green Line tracks

Cracked, fallen tree in Chestnut Hill. Photo by MBTA.

The MBTA reports it's restored service on the Green Line to and from Riverside, following a windswept tree cracking and falling along the line in Chestnut Hill during the storm. Rider can still expect some delays, but no longer have to get on a shuttle bus for part of their ride.



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Death, taxes, and trees falling on the Riverside Line during almost any storm.

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The MBTA could build sound barriers like used on highways on both sides of the right of way to protect the catenary against tree falls.

That money is better spent elsewhere on the system though.

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They, as some would say, "butchered" the trees along the Needham line to keep this from happening. But instead of praise, everyone complained how they were ruining everything.

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Its why the MTA, NJTransit, MARC, Amtrak and others have shifted back to diesel and dual-power diesel-electric. When Metro-North in Connecticut was wiped out today by its own tree branch incident, the Amtrak Pioneer Valley trains could still run into NYC using dual-power. So what is MassDOT doing to counter this unreliability issue? Debating a 29 billion all-electric rail fantasy on Monday. Good grief.

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The only problem is she didn't use this same argument for the Riverside Line. Or for that matter, any line in Boston that uses overhead wires, except the Mattapan Line. Pollack's racist transportation mindset came out. But just like everything with Baker, nothing matters if you have enough campaign cash.

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I noticed with interest that the Route 21 bus (which I take to get to my job in Mattapan and there is a huge school over on Selden Street) was running 20+ late due to the Green Line shuttle. Since the Arborway line hasn't run in 30+ years and that I never saw an alert for the Mattapan line, was the real reason you shorted Route 21 buses was because you had to run the Green line shuttles clear across town?

Free tip...spare a couple of the 10+ Route 32 buses that I see every morning so people can get to work and school on time. It would have helped out a lot and not have everyone stuffed onto one bus.

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I've taken the original post and made it a separate entry so I don't hog the thread. See the blog entry https://www.universalhub.com/2019/route-21-inconsistent-route.

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