Three suburbanites charged yesterday with behaving like morons

Transit Police report citing or arresting three people during yesterday's Patriots parade:

A 15-year-old from Braintree punched a window on a Red Line train hard enough to have the entire train pulled out of service "at a time when it was most needed," around 1 p.m.

An 18-year-old from Wilmington head butted another teen in the face at Back Bay station around 4:15 p.m., breaking his nose and splitting his lip open. The Wilmington teen was chared with aggravated assault and battery.

Officers asked by a local TV crew to help get people off the top of its truck at Government Center arrested William Doherty, 27, of Stoneham, when he not only refused to come down but "taunted the police." He was eventually grabbed and charged with disorderly conduct, police say.

Transit Police add several other people were kicked off the T "for rowdy and disruptive behavior most alcohol related," but not charged.

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Probably showing my cards a bit, but...

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I'd like to point out that none of these alleged perpetrators are from New Hampshire, despite what many an internet commentator might have you believe about hooligans and their antics during events like yesterday's parade.


I was

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Also Sudbury (which I revised to Wayland, which still did not meet with crowd approval). But I was also referring to the mounds o' blubber dudes with their fists o' fury on Salem Street, who have nothing to do with these three arrests (which I'm reasonably certain of because the only one of the three old enough to have even been in that fight was already well away from the parade getting booked when it happened and so unavailable for jersey-ripping duty).


To be clear

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My comment was not at all directed at you. It certainly wasn't my intention.

From the fight?

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No clue. The hometowns of the folks who were cited for other infractions are listed in Adam's blurb, above/respectively. I'm just trying to say that it seems pretty stupid to scapegoat our neighbors up in NH when we already have lots of unruly folks among our closer neighbors.

Don't worry

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Give it enough time and we will hear yet another tail of some idiot trying to Live Free or Die in Boston.

Until then, I'll just keep watching the late news and wait for the latest crime story out of Manchester. It's not that I think that crime is bad there (compared to Boston.) It's just that every weird crime story seems to happen there. Like the woman who crashed her car in front of an auto body shop, then attacked the guys who tried to free her from the crash. As you can see, it's a favorite of mine. Ah, Manchester. You never disappoint.

I'd just like to point out

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I'd just like to point out that there's a difference between NH natives, and guys like these clowns who are probably the children of conservative Massholes who cashed out of Medford, Somerville, Malden, etc when a developer bought their old triple decker.

Are they the suburbanites who

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Are they the suburbanites who spend living with the homeless over at Methadone Mile? The suburbanites responsible for increasing the staggering number of the Boston's homeless population?

Multiple Ejections!

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First of all the Transit police did a great job yesterday. My question is if an officer puts his hands on you and tosses you out of the station and you are intoxicated is he liable if you get hit by a bus or beaten up by an angry mob.

Do the police have a hands

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Do the police have a hands off policy for parades now? It seems as though they have no intention of engaging these young men who make what should be a friendly celebration into an excuse to day drink and behave badly. I feel like a stronger police presence would set the tone. Right now, these hooligans seem to know they can get away with just about anything. Maybe it's to rethink the way we do parades?