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T bus perhaps not the best bet as a bank-robbery getaway vehicle

WCVB reports a man who robbed a Revere bank today hopped on an MBTA bus afterwards - and wound up getting arrested not long after.

Although, it did once work.

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I read the article cuz I wanted to know which bus.. of course it was one going to Chelsea. I am pretty sure he was on the 117.

And considering that bus with all its stops it makes since it's a busy bus, I am surprised he lasted that long on the bus until Revere City Hall. But then again, he robbed a bank and then got on a mbta bus, so maybe he's not all that bright to begin with. Lol

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But I like your attempt to deflect by saying "oh, Chelsea, that explains it". Besides, we all know the accused will be from Charlestown.

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He could have walked to the Blue Line nearby, but let's face it, the buses work and if they don't(which is rare), at least you're not stuck in a tunnel going nowhere.

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Innocent, etc.

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