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Coca Cola driver avoids having to taste the feeling of explaining to his bosses why his truck no longer has a roof

Coke truck being turned around on Storrow Drive

Frog Lane Harpy had no choice but to watch State Police help the driver of a Coke truck turn around and not storrow:

Spent 7 minutes watching this vehicle do a U-turn at 7:20 this morning. Just past Fenway exit WB.

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Better that you lose 7 minutes and prevented a storrowing!

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Those Coke drivers must drive the same basic routes all the time. It's surprising that one of them would end up on Storrow Drive.

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which used to be further down this road, where Doubletree hotel is now

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in from the burbs for the day?

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My guess, based on 25-years-out-of-date knowledge that seems unlikely to be really out of date, is that the driver usually drives one of those standard-sized vans and forgot he was in a taller vehicle today. Not an excuse, really, but understandable, and it gets him a little more sympathy from me.

Plus he stopped in time, which is a huge plus.

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Even if that IS the case, technically commercial vehicles (like Coke vans) are not allowed on Storrow Drive. (Of course it happens all the time, but still.) I only thought of that, since I formally took a work-sponsored commuter van from Cambridge to Boston and they had to stop doing that because they had been told they weren't allowed on Storrow Dr anymore.

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the famous 11'8" bridge in Durham NC, subject of even more videos than Storrow and with its own web site, even, is being raised. To 12'4".

It can be done.

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Also known as "The Canopener."

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Yes. We need to encourage heavy vehicle traffic on a parkway (in name only).

Especially traffic of delivery vehicles carrying overpriced sugar water to encourage poor health.

Fixing some problems only exacerbates others.

Have the fires started in the Storrow's coffins yet? Not enough oxygen I guess to have the friction from spinning corpses to cause combustion.

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