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State Police: Man was drunk when he slammed his convertible into a parked pickup in Winthrop, killing both his passengers

State Police report a Winthrop man who drove his 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible into a parked pickup truck on WInthrop Shore Drive around 3 p.m. currently faces an OUI charge but will face additional charges because both of his passengers died, one at the scene, the other at the hospital.

State Police have yet to identify the driver or his passengers, but say the man was 30 and from Winthrop and that one of the victims was 28 and also from Winthrop while the other was 29 and from Beverly.



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That driver from Winthrop deserves to be tried for and charged with negligent homicide, as well as OUI. Here's hoping that he gets his drivers' license pulled for awhile, and ends up serving a term behind bars. It would serve him right.

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He should be charged with murder.

Driving drunk is intent to kill. Just like firing a gun into a crowd would be intent to kill.

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i say 5 years jail for each life he took and a lifetime driving ban.

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.... permanently annulled. Plus major prison time.
This menace should never be allowed behind the wheel a motor vehicle ever again.
If sentences like this were issued, you can be sure drunk driving would not be so prevalent.

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