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South Boston rail line gets a shed

Red Line shed in South Boston

New shed being built next to Track 61. See it larger.

John Keith snapped a photo of a new shed and siding near Cypher Street that the MBTA is having built along Track 61 - a former freight line and the last rail connection to the South Boston Waterfront - where the T will test those new Red Line trains we should see someday.

And he wonders why the T needs a shed and new tracks alongside the tracks it was already planning to outfit for subway-car testing.

The T's Joe Pesaturo points him to slides 5 and 6 on a new-car summary, says the shed is for "static" testing of the cars - not everything that needs testing is done while the cars are rolling.



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If I remember correctly, last time I was there the tracks that led past the new shed to the waterfront had been paved over at Cypher Street.

The rest of the right-of-way seems to be in good enough shape to be put into working condition with minimal effort.

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For the sake of accuracy this section of track is NOT Track 61. This is a portion of the BTRT, Track 61 begins at Summer St and is owned by Massport....but why would we expect the MBTA to know better???

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