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Some potentially major changes being studied for World Shaving Headquarters

The Fort Poin Boston Blog reports that Proctor and Gamble has started the early stages of a study of its Gillette plants in South Boston and Andover aimed at creating "new, world class, high tech production facilities, a cutting-edge innovation center and modern office space" - with an emphasis on a major continuing presence along Fort Point Channel.



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I assume "cutting-edge innovation" is an intentional pun?

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How big of a soccer stadium do you think you could squeeze on that land?

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Ain't happening pal. If Gillette manufacturing leaves South Boston, the rotten egg odor from Gillette's production also leaves the Channel. The site becomes yet another residential / office cluster of buildings.

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“Republicans buy sneakers too” -- Michael Jordan

Gillette is just another example of woke to broke with it's shameful "toxic masculinity" ad campaign meant to disparage their very customer base. Is it any wonder they need to sell?

Related Beal, Suffolk Construction or whoever will buy the parcel at a discount couldn't have done any better if they had planted a saboteur inside Gillette. Perhaps the suits should have checked with Macy's, now on life-support after banning Trump neckties. Better yet, they should have asked Michael Jordan.

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You honestly believe a long forgotten ad campaign brought down Proctor & Gamble (and it's 67 Billion in yearly sales) because it hurt Trumpette's feelings?

It would help if you read the article, then you'd have known they're redesigning and staying in Southie and Andover.

P&G isn't selling some of the choicest property in the city and CERTAINLY not at a discount despite whatever nefarious conspiracies you've cooked up in your head.

Beards are in, razors have gotten cheaper, and none of what P&G is doing has to do with your President fetish.

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This is ridiculous, as are you as a person. If Gillette's stock is down (which it isn't, though P&G did write down its value), it's because of the rise of "shave clubs" and other new competition. And Macy's has been struggling for years, along with every other department store (did you miss Barney's closing completely?). I assure you almost nobody even knows they stopped carrying Trump merchandise, and nobody was buying it before they did so; that's why it was easy for them to drop it.

"it's the economy, stupid"

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If only that point was as sharp as their razors! But they're actually maintaining their presence there, just modernizing.

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It's "get woke go broke." Great job Boomer.

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"Company plans major expansion of headquarters" is not something I'd see as synonymous with "failing", but I guess since your slogan rhymes it must be true?

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-such a backlash? But the Assholes have spoken.

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I came back here to respond b/c originally your claims weren't challenged.

Yes, the "shave clubs" have taken market share from Gillette.


According to the internet, Gillette had 70% of the razor market a decade ago; now it has around 52% of the market, and the market is apparently smaller. Blame millennials and their desire for beards.

[T]he company said that currency devaluations since the carrying values were first established in 2005 played a significant role. Over the last decade, currency has hurt its global business.

[Also] the market contraction of blades and razors, primarily in developed markets. In countries like the United States, growing beards is more popular, leading fewer men to buy razors.

Maybe its ad campaign had an effect but news reports don't mention it as a significant reason.

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includes ways to test P&G's products that no longer include animal testing.

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Star Wars branded laser shavers.

I expect no less than the best a wookie can get.

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Gillette has been selling off large chunks of their Fort Point property this year (after selling off the "GE" chunk a few years ago). They have sold several employee parking lots (looks like they won't be needing them) and look like they are going to pull the plug on the plant. Now they want to "study" if they should expand? The study will of course recommend the sale of the properties and moving production down south or overseas.

This has been hanging over the plant ever since Warren Buffett put himself on the Gillette board and steared the sale to P & G. This is the only large-scale manufacturer in region (in Boston!). Private ownership was the only thing that kept them from moving down south decades ago. It's inevitable that a stockholder benefit driven firm like P &G is going to close one of the largest employers in the City, and move it somewhere cheaper.

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That is the most desirable property in the Boston area, just a matter of time it is all transitioned.Alas , poor A street, I knew it well.


In My Life (Remastered 2009)

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