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JP cafe that only recently re-opened has re-shut again

Caffe Aromi in Hyde Square, which re-opened in November after being shut for three years, has already closed, disappointed members of the Jamaica Plain Facebook group report.

But at a month, it stayed open twice as long as the fabled Pink Samurai dumpling place on Centre Street, whose owners spent a year getting it ready, then shut it down after just two weeks.

Meanwhile, way further down Centre Street in West Roxbury, Red-Eyed Pig, a barbecue takeout place, apparently could not withstand the competition from Blue Ribbon in Dedham, and shut down recently as well.



Any news on Grassfed?

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I heard Chilacates was going to open in the Grass Fed location but that was some time ago.

On Cafe Aromi..., come on, Mordi. Give us a break. Put a live business in there to make up for losing Bella Luna. You don’t care that we lost a good place to eat for an empty store front. If you were living in Hyde Square, you’d be disgusted, too.

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We may soon pine for the good old days when the Hyde Square sites were merely empty.

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My understanding is Chilcates will own it, but menu will be burgers and very similar to what GF had going on in there.

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They had lots of competition in that block with burritos and thai and Vietnamese and pizza. I hate to see places go under when the owners put so much time and effort into trying to make it succeed.

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Isn’t that where the weed spot is going? Or next door?

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Honestly, I always thought red-eyed pig was garbage bbq...

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