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Roslindale group scrambles to move egg hunt indoors

Roslindale Village Main Street reports that with Saturday's forecast calling for downpours, it's moved its annual Easter-egg hunt indoors - not just because parents would dread coming home with muddy kids and their mud-laden eggs, but because all that running around in the rain could damage the turf at Healy Field.

The group will hold a traditional egg dash inside the Roslindale Community Center - overseen by the Easter Bunny, of course - along with face-painting, crafts and access to juice boxes and Dunkin' Munchkins - between 11 a.m. and noon. A large portion of the group's supply of more than 10,000 eggs will also be distributed to more than a dozen stores in and around Roslindale Square, where kids will be able to get some simply by asking nicely throughout the day.

RVMS has posted a map and list of the stores that will stock the eggs.



As someone whose children has participated in this “hunt” for just a handful of the past few years, I’m a bit relieved it would move indoors and around the square. The standard affair is pretty ridiculous and comically quick given how many eggs are on the ground when it starts.

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Loved the headline on this piece Adam.

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