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Replacement of old Shreve, Crump & Low building advances with zoning-board vote

The Zoning Board of Appeal this week gave the Druker Co. another year to begin demolition of the former Shreve, Crump & Low building on Boylston Street at Arlington Street.

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the board agreed to extend zoning approvals that were set to expire on Dec. 2 for the company's proposal for a glass-sheathed retail and office building on the site, after a company attorney said Druker intends to start construction next year. In a filing with the BPDA, which also has to re-approve the project, the company says it hopes to begin 30 months of construction next fall.

Attorney Adam Hundley told the board that Druker, which initially won city approval in 2009, "struggled through the recession and the aftermath for awhile" but has finally lined up enough financing and tenants to begin the work.



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I've been worried stiff that someone might get a spine and reject the ugly glass cube. Replacement, not renovation, is still the true sign of progress. /S

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like it just fell out of a camel's ass.

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What a shame. This was a landmark in its day. A glass tower on this corner is going to ruin the aesthetics of the intersection. I just can't believe this has been approved, and that there wasn't an outcry from the Friends of the Boston Public Garden.

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