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Red Line secretly extended to Providence?

Quincy Adams sign says train is 18 stops away

Anna wonders how an inbound train on the Red Line could possibly be 18 stops away from Quincy Adams - or even just 8.

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They're counting all the times the train will stop, not all the stations.

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The Quincy Adams garage is a microcosm of the MBTA., A clean power-washed platform with new signage surrounded by a collapsing mass of concrete, ghost escalators, and plywood. There's definitely a backroom filled with QA's failings

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I thought it used to be a time estimate. Has that been eliminated in favor of # of stops?

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As I recall, the T said they aren't able to provide time estimates in the wake of the Signal Bungalow destruction and have shifted over to the fairly useless # of stops metrics in the meantime.

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First one is at South Station traveling south, the other at Davis traveling north?

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The 8 stops aways is Braintree bound at Park Street [assuming Wollaston isn't included in the count, cause it shouldn't be til it reopens] (messed up I know), and the 18 stops is Alewife bound at Harvard (even more messed up that it'd be referring to a train AHEAD of that one). ALthough sometimes the yard before the start of the line is counted as an additional "stop" for that count.

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Then checked the weather on my phone and was told Boston would have an overnight low of -101 F.

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