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Police hunt driver who slammed into a pedestrian in Somerville, then kept on going

Somerville hit and run scene

Somerville hit-and-run scene. Photo by KMV.

WCVB reports a man suffered critical injuries when hit by a driver who took off, at Mystic Avenue and Shore Drive around 3 a.m.



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The police can start patrolling this area late on a weekend night to start catching speeders and drunks?

That's two people struck by hit and run drivers in as many weeks.

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Don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but a number of these incidents have occurred on roads leading away from the casino.

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Can anybody produce factual supporting website linked statistics on the following:

What are last year's statistics for drivers who were found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol? And the same for heroin? Follow by all other substances?; compared to last year? And separate from above, add one more Factor, where there was injuries? What are the results?

Asking the same question above compare that to 5 years ago? Adding one additional Factor, where they was injuries.? What are the results?

What were their initial charges by police? And what were the charges before guilty disposition was rendered? This help us understand the conflict law enforcement have with prosecution.

And my bonus question: What were the consequences for a guilty sentence? Using the same time frame formula as above formulate the the appropriate response or results?.

What are last year's statistics of drivers leaving the scene of the accident compared to this year and 3 years ago or 5 years ago?

Are there any s Statistical Criminologists out there?

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First, every first offense for OUIL (without injury) the driver has a chance to "CWOF" the charge by basically agreeing to admit to the basic facts but the case gets dismissed within a year if nothing else happens and the driver pays fees (usually 4k to 8k I think?). Many take this option. Then the next time if they get an OUIL, the first one doesn't even count!

Second, the breath test is an entire other situatio. Laws in MA pretty much favor the driver in every possible situation regarding breath tests, road tests, portable breath tests, horizontal gaze nystagmus tests, etc. Most state courts allow tests which are recognized by the NHTSA and have been studied and used by law enforcement around the country. MA judges don't like to go by these tests and basically call them "unscientific". Judges here want to hear officer testimony as to what they saw and heard, not what some test "proves" (although judges will often allow officers to talk about these tests, just not mention that they are standards of the NHTSA.

So drivers who are "guilty" of OUIL are no different than drivers who make a deal with the DA or have it CWOFd on the first offense.

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They can't take your "I didn't see anyone" statement, send you home for supper on miniscule bail, and quietly drop the matter in a few months if they can't find you

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Lots of local residents who have to cross it to get to or from the 95, to stores, et cetera. Residents who are every age, not just twenty somethings, and who cannot play Frogger very well.

Add drunks from Encore. Get lots of pedestrians run over.

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Broken windows theory of driving in Eastern MA:

Law enforcement is almost entirely absent on state roads. Small transgressions occur constantly. Worse incidents happen with increasing frequency.

It's a frontier out there.

More traffic cameras now!

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They are all busy beating kids up at the skatepark for no particular reason, and lying about it on their police reports despite the video evidence.

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that intersection has always been bad. would be nice if they could figure out a way to rejigger the whole area, though unfortunately that's not going to happen with the highway there.

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What we should do is bury the highway instead of putting it overhead. Then we can rejigger the surface roads any way we want.

But to do that would take a LOT of digging.

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That's a flood zone. They won't be burying anything.

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